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July 11, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 2

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Andy Etchebarren Cover - Sports Illustrated July 11, 1966

July 11, 1966 | Pat Ryan

July 11, 1966 | Jack Nicklaus
The Masters champion tells why he feels the USGA speedup policies can be excellent for amateur golf but are not quite right for the pros, and explains why he got so angry at Olympic

July 11, 1966 | William Leggett

July 11, 1966
The surfing boom along the Atlantic coast draws Phil Edwards, the sport's top stylist, to Virginia Beach, where he discusses, and demonstrates in photographs, his unique skills.

July 11, 1966 | Coles Phinizy

July 11, 1966 | Garry Valk
Our wilderness heritage must provoke strong feelings in a writer if he is to write well about it, and over the past dozen years this magazine's emotional involvement with the subject has often...

July 11, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown

July 11, 1966 | Jule Campbell
Not for the first time, a hot ski fashion has journeyed a long way from winter and a long way from the slopes and wound up on the world's seashores. This time the fashion is the nylon wind shirt....

July 11, 1966
They were all just sort of over at Arizona's Lake Havasu for water skiing when somebody said, "Here," to Elke Sommer, handed her a fishing rod—making sure she had hold of the right end, etc.—and...

July 11, 1966 | John Lovesey
At Wimbledon last week Spain's Manuel Santana and Billie Jean King of California (left) won the singles championships for the first time

July 11, 1966 | Duncan Barnes
Hooked by esthetics as well as thrills, ardent saltwater fishermen are abandoning conventional tackle to challenge game fish with fly rods

July 11, 1966 | Robert Cantwell
If mankind picked pets and animal allies on a strictly utilitarian basis, dogs would not have a chance. Other animals perform services far better. "A bear would make a better guard," says Bil...

July 11, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine

July 11, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine
Truly Outward Bound to the limits of their courage and endurance, the girls scatter into the forest to face alone the terrors of solitude, maybe bears—and a diet of ants.

July 11, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf

July 11, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf
Mickey Mantle came to spring training this year wearing a serpentine scar across his right shoulder, the symbol of yet another operation in a career that already stands as a monument to both...

July 11, 1966
BOXING—"It's a good thing you play strings instead of winds, because I'm going to hit you in the mouth," said New Yorker Doug Jones to his guitar-playing opponent, Chicago's ERNIE TERRELL, before...

July 11, 1966
Sheila Scott, 38, a former actress, flew a single-engine Piper to a round-the-world women's record, averaging 36 mph (including ground time) on her 28,656-mile flight, the first Briton to circle...

July 11, 1966
22, 23—John M. Stebbins27—James Drake28—Neil Leifer, Sheedy & Long29, 30—James Drake32, 33—Tony Triolo40, 41—Rich Clarkson48—UPI50, 55—Gerry Cranham60-71—illustrations by David...

July 11, 1966
OPEN ADMIRATIONSirs:Alfred Wright's Open article (A Summit of Drama, June 27) sounded like one written by a press agent committed to the Hollywood star system. It was Palmer "Wham! zap!...