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August 08, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 6

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Frank Emanuel Cover - Sports Illustrated August 08, 1966

August 08, 1966 | Tex Maule

August 08, 1966 | Tex Maule
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August 08, 1966 | Jack Mann
As the baseball season enters its last two months, the National League lines up for one of its typically wild pennant scrambles, out of which will come a winner—but not necessarily the best team

August 08, 1966 | Pat Ryan
They were given no real chance to beat the Americans, but a jolly band of British girls might well have made off with the Curtis Cup if they had not kept coming to grief beside an old trout pond

August 08, 1966 | Tom C. Brody

August 08, 1966
Bear Bryant, college football's most successful coach, begins the stormy story of his life, from the dirt-poor days of his Arkansas boyhood to the plush years of national fame.

August 08, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine
That long look down on the left extends across an expanse of sail that would satisfy 23 times over the needs of the little "Ariel" slipping along to leeward of the schooner "Victory Chimes." The...

August 08, 1966
Steve McQueen is somewhat better known as a movie actor ("The Great Escape," "Nevada Smith") than as a driver of fast cars. But as he demonstrates at right, cornering smartly in the new Jaguar...

August 08, 1966 | Steve McQueen
Not so long ago, when I was broke but studying Stanislavsky in New York and trying to be an actor, I read a story in a fan magazine about a Hollywood star who had a terrible time deciding which of...

August 08, 1966 | Garry Valk
"Come on, no hanging back, no more delay....

August 08, 1966
She's pretty, sweet and the way her father once remembered her, "She was always a courageous little girl who would fight anybody." But Rene Carpenter, wife of Astronaut Scott Carpenter, sees...

August 08, 1966 | Charles Goren
This is to report a diamond swindle in Amsterdam, which happens to be one of the diamond-cutting centers of the world. What got cut in this case, however, was not a jewel but the defenders on a...

August 08, 1966 | Norris D. Hoyt
After 23 days and seven hours the biggest transatlantic yacht race ever scheduled came to an end—or as near an end as such a race ever comes, for those who sailed in it will be talking and...

August 08, 1966 | Fred R. Smith
When the college students on these pages go back to Princeton, Oxford, Haverford, California and Yale next month the new items in their back-to-school wardrobes, and those of their classmates from...

August 08, 1966 | Alice Higgins
European-style Grand Prix returns to the U.S., with fancy layouts designed by a man who has managed to please both horses and people

August 08, 1966 | Leonard Shecter

August 08, 1966 | Mark Mulvoy

August 08, 1966 | Mark Mulvoy
Dave Boswell, a 21-year-old right-hander from Baltimore who pitches for the Minnesota Twins and answers to the clubhouse name of "Flakey," specializes in imitating bird, animal and insect calls...

August 08, 1966
ARCHERY—Seventeen-year-old JIM STAMETZ of Bethlehem, Pa. scored 2,625 points to win the men's freestyle amateur title at the national field archery meet at Point Pleasant, W. Va., and EVELYN...

August 08, 1966
14, 15—Tony Triolo16—Gerry Cranham18, 19—chart by Thomas Vanderschmidt20, 21—Fred Kaplan22, 23—James Drake24—Neil Leifer26—John Pineda30-33—Constantine Manos-Magnum44—A.P.I.S., Columbia...

August 08, 1966
Marion Hart, 74, of Washington, D.C., who began flying 20 years ago and has clocked some 5,000 hours in the air since then, became the oldest woman ever to fly the Atlantic solo when she piloted a...

August 08, 1966
RYUN'S RUNSirs:I greatly enjoyed your knowledgeable coverage of Jim Ryun's victory (A Time to Remember: 3:51.3, July 25 et seq.) and its fascinating recap of the behind-the-scenes events leading...

August 08, 1966

August 08, 1966
•Ron Mix, San Diego Charger tackle, who claims he recites the Offensive Lineman's Prayer before each game: "May this unknown fellow across from me be skinny, slow, weak, stupid and love football...