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August 15, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 7

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August 15, 1966 | Bob Ottum
A broken leg ruined the hopes of the men, but some young U.S. girls surprised themselves and their coach with big performances in the opening event of the world Alpine ski championships at...

August 15, 1966 | John Lovesey

August 15, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
The last wave of pro football rookies to claim lavish bonuses was humiliated by the Green Bay Packers in an All-Star Game that demonstrated just how absurd a mismatch the outdated Chicago classic...

August 15, 1966 | John O'Reilly
It was as though someone had mercifully pushed the right button on the great flood-control complex and the drought-ridden Everglades were saved. But the rain, in solving one problem, only created...

August 15, 1966 | Robert Daley

August 15, 1966
Million-Dollar pro rookies Donny Anderson and Jim Grabowski challenge the pillars of Green Bay football, Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor. An analysis of their prospects.

August 15, 1966 | Pat Ryan

August 15, 1966 | Garry Valk
When Associate Editor John Underwood approached Alabama Football Coach Paul Bryant about putting his thoughts on paper, The Bear was sitting in his campus office which, Underwood says, "is not...

August 15, 1966
While Charles de Gaulle kept the rest of the country under his thumb, French Premier Georges Pompidou, supposedly on holiday, put his big toe to work (below) and pensively dribbled a soccer ball...

August 15, 1966 | Charles Goren
You may remember that word game everybody was playing called Swifties. One of my favorites was: " 'Bridge isn't what it used to be,' the old lady said whistfully." The line is not only amusing, it...

August 15, 1966 | Hugh Whall
The glamour of kings and princes compensated for mix-ups at the Royal Yacht Club birthday party

August 15, 1966 | William Leggett
Tired ballplayers are grumbling about a schedule that is forcing them to play under seemingly absurd conditions, while even in the game's normally shortsighted higher councils there is evidence of...

August 15, 1966 | Paul Bryant

August 15, 1966 | Paul Bryant
Coach Bryant tells of his deep conflict at Kentucky with Adolph Rupp and of the troubled years at Texas A&M that led to his abrupt return to Alabama.

August 15, 1966

August 15, 1966
•Enzo Stuarti, Italian tenor and racing car buff, asked how he knew when to shift a borrowed Ferrari 275 GTB: "By ear. When I hear A flat from the engine, I shift."

August 15, 1966
BOXING—CASSIUS CLAY barely worked up a sweat as he defended his world heavyweight title by knocking out plodding Englishman Brian London in the third round in London (page 16).

August 15, 1966
4—Biil Mahan (Leviton, Atlanta)16, 17—Gerry Cranham20—Art Shay23—George X. Sands24—Robert Daley44—Daniel Cande, Irish Times48—Tony Triolo67—Charles R. Conley, Frank J. Johns, AP, Milton Morrison...

August 15, 1966
Judy Severance, a junior physical ed major at Arizona State University, was the first coed selected for the Women's All-America Collegiate Archery Team three straight years. Besides Miss...

August 15, 1966 | Sandy Ramras

August 15, 1966 | Sandy Ramras
In his three previous years with the Cincinnati Reds, 25-year-old Tommy Harper was lost in the shadows of Outfielders Frank Robinson and Vada Pinson. With Robinson now starring in the American...

August 15, 1966
HOMAGESirs:In this world of atomic energy and aerospace, cold wars and hot ones, one can't help but wonder on occasion whether a man really has any business devoting his life to, say, mastering...