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August 22, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 8

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Donnie Anderson Cover - Sports Illustrated August 22, 1966

August 22, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
With two of the NFL's highest-priced rookies hot after their jobs, the famed Packer pair of Hornung and Taylor are in the best shape of their careers. As a result, the problems now belong to Donny...

August 22, 1966 | Bob Ottum
With eight of her 14 skiers winning medals, with Killy winning the downhill, Périllat the giant slalom and Marielle Goitschel almost everything else, France walked away with the Portillo world...

August 22, 1966 | William Leggett
Led by a 33-year-old manager who never played higher than Class B, Cincinnati has been on a rampage since the All-Star Game. The secret is Dave Bristol's policy of letting everybody get into the act

August 22, 1966 | Paul Bryant

August 22, 1966 | Paul Bryant
It should have been a happy homecoming, but charges of brutality and helmet-cracking, gang-tackling football took the edge off old grad Bryant's instant success at Alabama.

August 22, 1966 | Ed Zern

August 22, 1966 | Jack Nicklaus
In a situation as bad as the one shown here, the object is not so much to find a shot that will work as it is to find a shot that has any chance of working. The ball is on hardpan, the trap is...

August 22, 1966
There are few trees and fewer hills in Forest Hills, but there is a lot of tennis. A study of The West Side Tennis Club, and Arthur Ashe, who reached stardom in last year's nationals.

August 22, 1966
The rhubarb about to erupt in a board of regents meeting was over the proposal to enlarge the University of Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium, one member querulously suggesting that the athletic...

August 22, 1966 | Pat Ryan
By winning the Yonkers Futurity, Polaris showed that he is the toughest of the 3-year-old trotters and should be the Hambletonian favorite

August 22, 1966 | Joe Jares
Despite periods of trouble off the tee, JoAnne Gunderson Carner won the longest Amateur championship

August 22, 1966 | Gwilym S. Brown
When the Commonwealth nations went at each other's throats the chief casualties were double loser Ron Clarke and a slew of swimming marks

August 22, 1966 | Garry Valk
Eight years ago, back in the dark ages before man had orbited or danced the frug, President Eisenhower urged the sportsmen of the world to get together more often, avoiding, whenever possible, all...

August 22, 1966
Unique in sport is the bicycle race that takes possession of France each year; it lasts three weeks, covers nearly 3,000 miles and combines all the noisy, lurid features of a patriotic...

August 22, 1966 | Jack Olsen
A butcher in a stained apron and his wife in a bright house-dress stood on tiptoes as the bike racers streamed by in a long ribbon of lavenders and greens and umbers and blacks and golds. "Look at...

August 22, 1966
BOATING—PAUL ELVSTROM of Denmark skippered his Web III to the 5.5-meter world championship with five firsts and two seconds in the seven-race competition at Skovshoved, Denmark.

August 22, 1966
24, 25—Jerry Cooke27—Herb Scharfman28—Bill Mahan (Leviton, Atlanta)36—AP37—Lexington Herald-Leader38—AP51—CBS-TV, New Orleans States-Item52—Herb Scharfman54, 55—Morris Berman56, 57—Rich...

August 22, 1966
David Krussow, 12, of Tacoma, Wash., was timed in 27:17 for the final heat to win the All-American Soap Box Derby championship, plus a $7,500 college scholarship, in Akron. When not preparing for...

August 22, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf

August 22, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf
It took 26 years of suffering through the travesties of 58 catchers, but the Cubs feel they have finally found a replacement for Gabby Hartnett. Gone, they feel, are the days of Cuno Barragan,...

August 22, 1966
LOOSE ENDSSirs:Jack Mann's article, Situation Normal in the Good Old NL (Aug. 8), shows one thing: Mann underrates the Dodgers. Take three of his statements:

August 22, 1966

August 22, 1966
•Jack Nicklaus, asked how he missed an 18-inch putt: "The same way you do."

August 22, 1966 | Jeannette Bruce
At noon on April 1, 1764 England observed a total eclipse of the sun—and it was in those moments of darkness, in a stone barn at Cranbourne Lodge, that a mare named Spiletta foaled an ugly,...

August 22, 1966 | Frank Graham Jr.