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September 26, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 13

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Gaylord Perry Cover - Sports Illustrated September 26, 1966

September 26, 1966

September 26, 1966
•Doug Weaver, Kansas State football coach, asked to describe his offense: "It's new. We put it in this year. So far, we call it ineffective."

September 26, 1966 | Dan Jenkins

September 26, 1966 | Jack Mann
Pittsburgh came into Los Angeles for a key series, lost two big games to Dodger speed, luck and pitching and left Chavez Ravine looking like a loser. The Pirates had 14 games to go, but hope was...

September 26, 1966 | William Leggett
Last Saturday afternoon Herman Franks, manager of the San Francisco Giants, sat in his office with his cap on backward, a cigar in his mouth, a drink in his hand and his ample forehead covered...

September 26, 1966
The Los Angeles Rams have a new coach and a new philosophy: wait till this year. Edwin Shrake prowls field, front office and locker room to see how the scheme is working.

September 26, 1966 | Tex Maule

September 26, 1966 | Pat Ryan

September 26, 1966 | Garry Valk
Everybody talks about the weather, so why shouldn't we? Weather is important in our business, and bad weather generally brings trouble to outdoor sports. Tennis and golf matches and baseball games...

September 26, 1966 | Jack Mann

September 26, 1966 | Gary Ronberg
For four years Louisiana State's Charley McClendon had tried to live down the memory of Paul Dietzel. He finally succeeded last Saturday, but not before Carolina's Dietzel launched a last-gasp...

September 26, 1966 | Mervin Hyman

September 26, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Steve Spurrier, Florida's do-everything quarterback, wrecked Northwestern. He completed 15 out of 22 passes for 219 yards and three touchdowns, kicked two field goals, averaged 43.5...

September 26, 1966
All week the press has been awash in rumors from Italy of a Marciano comeback—the unbeaten heavyweight was in training, he was going to take on Cassius Clay. Now the shocking truth is out. The...

September 26, 1966 | Mark Mulvoy

September 26, 1966 | Joan Gould
Like overdressed turn-of-the-century grandes dames, the 66-year-old Idem one-designs still sail majestically past many younger boats

September 26, 1966 | Charles Goren
When I read the other day that Harry Fishbein was retiring as the head of the Mayfair Bridge Club in New York City, I stopped for a moment to ask myself why, not consciously realizing that...

September 26, 1966 | Clive Gammon

September 26, 1966 | Maboth Moseley
Born in 1724, George Stubbs. A.R.A., was the son of a prosperous Liverpool tanner. A self-taught artist who was also an anatomist and anatomical artist, Stubbs's equestrian paintings were...

September 26, 1966
BASEBALL—TORONTO, a Boston Red Sox farm club, won the International League's Governor's Cup playoff for the second consecutive year, defeating Richmond (Atlanta) 6-5 in the final game to take the...

September 26, 1966
Denize Le Pennec, a 16-year-old British schoolgirl, practiced for her Channel crossing 18 months before becoming the youngest Briton ever to swim the Channel. She crossed from Cape Gris-Nez,...

September 26, 1966
4—Arthur Brawley26, 27—Herb Scharfman29, 31—Fred Kaplan-Black Star37, 38, 41—Fred Kaplan-Black Star56—Sam King61—London Mirror-Gilloon, Epoque-Roy Cummings66—Dave Jones87—London Express-Pictorial,...

September 26, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf

September 26, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf
When the news broke that Dick Schofield had been traded from the Yankees to the Dodgers in early September, it was quickly swallowed up by the yawns of millions of Americans. Last week, however,...

September 26, 1966
BLASTSirs:Helmets off to SI! Your pro football issue (Sept. 12) was not only your largest, but one of your greatest issues. I enjoyed all of the articles, and the color pictures were fabulous. I...

September 26, 1966 | Jeannette Bruce
Some months ago, at a conference called the Family Fishing Clinic held in Cincinnati, spectators were amused and somewhat awed by the spectacle of a 6-year-old boy who was demonstrating a new...

September 26, 1966 | Alice Higgins
The horses and their improbable riders gathered at Tahoe City, Calif. for the yearly Tevis Cup race across the winding paths and hazardous streams of the Sierra to Auburn, 100 miles away