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October 10, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 15

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Hank Bauer Cover - Sports Illustrated October 10, 1966

October 10, 1966 | Herman Weiskopf

October 10, 1966
BOATING—GREAT BRITAIN won the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy, known as the Little America's Cup, for the sixth consecutive time when Lady Helmsman, skippered by Reg White, beat the...

October 10, 1966
21—Walter Iooss Jr.22, 23—Leviton-Atlanta24—Art Shay26-29—Sheedy & Long31, 32—Jerry Cooke36—James Drake37—Bob Peterson38—Victor Casamento52—Fred Kaplan-Black Star59—UPI76, 77—Herb...

October 10, 1966
Jack Wanenmacher, 37, of Cleveland, a marine insurance agent who pioneered the 15-foot Fireball class in the U.S. when he built the first boat three years ago, scored five consecutive firsts to...

October 10, 1966
FOND FAREWELLSirs:SI's lament for the passing of baseball's big hitters (A Farewell to .300 Hitters, Sept. 26) is depressingly true. In these days of anemic averages it is hard to believe there...

October 10, 1966

October 10, 1966
•Jim Ryun, Kansas sophomore and world record holder for the mile and the 880, asked his foremost goal: "I'd kind of like to win a varsity letter."

October 10, 1966 | Dan Jenkins

October 10, 1966 | Bob Ottum

October 10, 1966
The World Series pits the powerful hitting of the Baltimore Orioles against the pitching and the finesse of the Los Angeles Dodgers. A detailed report and color pictures.

October 10, 1966 | Whitney Tower

October 10, 1966 | Tex Maule

October 10, 1966 | Garry Valk
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED does not often carry major articles examining the character (sporting and otherwise) of a city, but when we do undertake such a piece we give our investigators a free hand. In...

October 10, 1966
Some horse shows are as starchy as a White House dinner. Most are as predictable as a minuet. But not the Kansas City American Royal. The world's biggest indoor horse show, the Royal mixes Wild...

October 10, 1966 | Alice Higgins
The flower-bedecked fat steer in a Kansas City store window and the glittering rider in a parade class are two parts of the colorful concoction that makes up the American Royal Livestock and Horse...

October 10, 1966 | Gary Ronberg
Nestled among the oaks and palms separating St. Charles and Claiborne avenues in New Orleans are the slate-gray halls of Tulane. Now 132 years old, the university's reputation has been made by...

October 10, 1966 | Mervin Hyman

October 10, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Junior Halfback Don Moore of Washington, who at 5 feet 9 and 212 pounds runs like a Volkswagen truck, carried 30 times for 212 yards and scored two touchdowns as the Huskies ripped...

October 10, 1966
Heads of state have tried all manner of things to buoy a sinking economy, but Bhumibol Adulyadej, the astute King of Thailand, has something new. Tinkering in his workshop in Bangkok, he designed...

October 10, 1966 | Ellington White

October 10, 1966 | Jack Mann

October 10, 1966
Football fans often accumulate as much bulk as their heroes on the field, but this season's girl-in-the-stands will confront the icy winds in slimming leathers designed for warmth and cut for...

October 10, 1966 | Kim Chapin
Doubting fellow drivers may call him a plodder, but the quiet Australian, who led the rich U.S. Grand Prix before dropping out with mechanical difficulties, has now won his third world racing...

October 10, 1966 | Charles Goren
The French won the recent European Championship in Warsaw, Poland, but once again it was the Italians who made the news. This time Italy, which is accustomed to finishing first, came in eighth in...

October 10, 1966 | Mark Kram

October 10, 1966 | Jeannette Bruce
The avalanche that struck the village of Dalaas, Austria in 1954 was a small one. It merely demolished several buildings, plucked a 120-ton locomotive from the tracks and slammed it against the...

October 10, 1966 | J.A. Maxtone Graham
No game was safe from his tinkering: he turned a billiard table into a cricket field and golfed from a car