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October 24, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 17

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Elgin Baylor Cover - Sports Illustrated October 24, 1966

October 24, 1966

October 24, 1966
•Gene Stallings, Texas A&M football coach, hearing TCU Coach Abe Martin say his team's main strength is its lack of weakness: "I guess that makes our main weakness lack of strength."

October 24, 1966 | John Underwood
Unbeaten Alabama came close to a cropper, but a cool snake named Stabler and a field goal topped Tennessee in a thriller

October 24, 1966 | Pete Axthelm
He has to be persuaded to run, says his jockey, because he is not a very willing horse. So, after three straight losses in stakes races, Successor finally grasped what Braulio Baeza was trying to...

October 24, 1966
The war in the West in the NFL is near the halfway mark, and Green Bay's Bart Starr, the model of a modern quarterback, is better than ever. An analysis by Tex Maule.

October 24, 1966 | Mark Kram
Jose Torres kept his world light heavyweight championship by knocking out Chic Calderwood in San Juan, but he still does not have the unquestioning admiration of his fellow Puerto Ricans

October 24, 1966 | Edwin Shrake

October 24, 1966 | Garry Valk
A Brazilian soccer hero and an important race at Aqueduct are the diverse subjects of two articles in this issue written by a new and versatile member of our staff, Pete Axthelm, who did not mind...

October 24, 1966
At his peak he probably was the best all-round player in the sport's history. Today, after an astonishing recovery from serious injuries to both knees, Elgin Baylor (see cover) is ready to lead...

October 24, 1966 | Frank Deford

October 24, 1966

October 24, 1966 | Gary Ronberg
San Diego State has 17,000 students but a little-league rating. Saturday it rose up to smack down San Jose State, conqueror of California and Oregon, and underline its legitimate claim to big-time...

October 24, 1966 | Mervin Hyman

October 24, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: After a woeful first half Kenny Stabler of Alabama plunged for a touchdown, completed a two-point conversion pass, then ran and passed The Tide into position for the field goal that beat...

October 24, 1966
When you are out of a job there is not much to do but fish or cut bait. It is not surprising, then, that Edward Heath, leader of Britain's out-of-power Conservative Party, competed the other day...

October 24, 1966 | William Leggett
A large share of the credit goes to a scouting report that said flatly, 'The Dodgers can't hit fast balls'

October 24, 1966 | Robert Cantwell
If the experiment now being conducted in Colorado proves successful, more rainbows will swim in the melt-off from the snows of yesteryear

October 24, 1966 | Kim Chapin
Only 5 feet 2 and 18 years old, Rosemary Casals of San Francisco hits the ball so hard and moves around the court with such agility it seems just a matter of time until she takes over as the next...

October 24, 1966 | Jack Nicklaus
The golf hole at left illustrates the concepts involved in tee-shot management. There are four bunkers surrounding the area in which you would like to hit your drive. Even though the safe section...

October 24, 1966 | Charles Goren
More people play bridge than play golf. but the area around a bridge table is considerably more constricted than it is around a putting green. This gives me a soothing explanation for the fact...

October 24, 1966 | Pete Axthelm

October 24, 1966
BASKETBALL—NBA: The league opened its long season (page 40), and the new CHICAGO team surprised all with a 104-97 win over the Hawks in St. Louis as Guy Rodgers, whom the Bulls acquired from the...

October 24, 1966
4—Tony Triolo22—Neil Leifer23-25—James Drake26—Neil Leifer28, 29—Herb Scharfman31—Lynn Pelham from Rapho-Guillumette32-34—Walter Iooss Jr.47-57—drawings by Arnold Roth58—Dick Rowan63—Camera Press,...

October 24, 1966
Jim Ranger, 27, of Grosse Pointe, Mich., who drives his own hydroplane, My Gypsy, scored 969 points at the Sacramento Cup Regatta to finish the season with 6,651—second to Mira Slovak's 8,021—and...

October 24, 1966
BALAMERSirs:Along with many Baltimoreans, I was both amused and amazed by Mark Kram's article (A Wink at a Homely Girl, Oct. 10). It was well done, but I just cannot take his deft almost-truths...

October 24, 1966 | Jeannette Bruce
Almost everyone, regardless of where he lives, has at one time or another driven past a wide, green lawn on which stands a boy-size hitching post in the form of a cast-iron jockey. Some lawn...

October 24, 1966 | Frank Graham Jr.
In the early morning hours after Harry Greb had outpointed Mickey Walker in 1925, the two fighters were reported to have met again outside a New York speakeasy and resumed hostilities, this time...