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November 07, 1966 | Volume 25, Issue 19

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Terry Hanratty Cover - Sports Illustrated November 07, 1966

November 07, 1966

November 07, 1966
•Alex Hannum, Philadelphia 76er coach, asked why his height is now listed as 6 feet 7 when in his playing days it was 6 feet 8: "I got bald."

November 07, 1966 | Hugh Whall

November 07, 1966 | Mark Mulvoy
Refusing to divulge reasons, the Atlantic Coast Conference has ruled South Carolina's basketball star ineligible. Coach Frank McGuire angrily charges that the ACC really is out to get Frank McGuire

November 07, 1966 | Alfred Wright
The powers of amateur golf got a surprise in Mexico City when four unheralded Australians, led by a 43-year-old scrambler, played it cool and quiet and confounded the favorites in a world championship

November 07, 1966
The 10 best ski runs in the country are described by Bob Ottum, who tells what it is like to ski each one of them. His report is accompanied by pictures and diagrams in color.

November 07, 1966 | Edwin Shrake

November 07, 1966 | Milton Gross

November 07, 1966 | Garry Valk
About 10 years ago, at midnight on a Sunday, a young SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reporter checking the facts on a story going to press was asked if he had been especially careful about a certain point on...

November 07, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
It seemed like a throwback to the old days in the Southwest until Arkansas took out after upstart A&M last Saturday night. Then even SMU's stunning final-seconds win over Texas dwindled in...

November 07, 1966 | Mervin Hyman

November 07, 1966 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Florida Quarterback Sieve Spurrier, a nerveless one-man show, completed 27 of 40 passes for 259 yards and one touchdown, ran for another and in the waning minutes coolly kicked a 40-yard...

November 07, 1966
Not long ago someone asked Arnold Palmer to invest in a company that would freeze fatally ill people and keep them in cold storage until a cure was found for what ailed them. Palmer politely...

November 07, 1966 | Alfred Wright

November 07, 1966 | Bob Ottum
To sell cars you must race cars, says Ford Motor Co.—and assigns top budget, top executives and two top drivers to a fast new campaign

November 07, 1966 | Robert Cantwell
During varmint-calling time the Arizona desert lands strangely resound with the shrill and plaintive cries of rabbits, arousing the curiosity of even the most sophisticated predators

November 07, 1966 | Charles Goren
The members of the International Bridge Press Association took an illegal action recently when they voted the 1965 Book of the Year award to a volume that was published in 1964. Yet I am sure the...

November 07, 1966 | M.R. Werner
And Romeo Hanover got the Messenger Stakes. The colt's rumored bad behavior was not in evidence as he easily won pacing's Triple Crown

November 07, 1966 | Dan Jenkins
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November 07, 1966
BASKETBALL—NBA: Eastern leader PHILADELPHIA (5-0), boosted by Wilt Chamberlain's 53 rebounds in two games, remained unbeaten as the 76ers defeated the Bullets 130-110 and the Celtics 138-96....

November 07, 1966
Jennifer Barth, a blonde, 4-foot ¼-inch 9-year-old, is the only girl playing in Seattle's Tom Thumb Hockey League. She scored Tour goals in three games at right wing for the Highland Ice Arena...

November 07, 1966
4—Coles Phinizy21—Neil Leifer22, 23—Neil Leifer (except top right), Sheedy & Long24—Sheedy & Long25—map by John Huehnergarth26—Ken Cooke27—Bruce Roberts from Rapho-Guillumette28, 29—Shel...

November 07, 1966
MIRACLE MANSirs:Having heard much of Pelé the soccer player and nothing of Pelé the man, I was extremely pleased to "meet" Pelé through the brilliant writing of Pete Axthelm (The Most Famous...

November 07, 1966 | Barbara La Fontaine
The Civil War is dying out," said Richard Riehn of The Soldier Shop at 1013 Madison Avenue in New York. About time, one would suppose, but Mr. Riehn was speaking of the collectors' waning interest...

November 07, 1966 | Raymond Andrews
Baseball was the year-round sport in Georgia's farming country until a bright winter Sunday when two young rebels got the boys together and changed the name of the game