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January 02, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 1

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Kitty McManus Cover - Sports Illustrated January 02, 1967

January 02, 1967 | Edwin Shrake
Buffalo should lose Sunday's AFL championship game to Kansas City, a better team, but don't bet on it. Such talk just makes the Bills feel mean, and belittled Bills score upsets

January 02, 1967 | Marvin Zim
When the Asian Games ended last week in Bangkok the Japanese had won the most medals, the Filipinos had skipped out on a sex test and the Thais had taken first honors for impromptu (and illegal)...

January 02, 1967
The boat is just the beginning. Once you have acquired that 35-foot sport-fisherman, that tall and graceful auxiliary, that offshore trawler gone yachty or even that jaunty little outboard...

January 02, 1967 | Dan Jenkins
In that great two-point conversion in the sky there will no doubt be an NCAA football playoff. Until then, however, there will only be the postseason bowl games. These attractions are a lot of...

January 02, 1967
The vibrant, multicolored plastic what-is-it opposite is a see-through model of the newest incarnation of that phoenix of sport—Madison Square Garden. The luminescent colors, keyed to the numbered...

January 02, 1967 | Garry Valk
"I enjoy being completely immersed in the research and painting of a project," says Artist Don Moss, whose precise renderings of boating's newest navigational gadgetry appear on pages 20 through...

January 02, 1967
His wife and fans had deserted him, Yé-yé Singer Johnny Hallyday, the French Elvis Presley, told a reporter last September. "My life is finished." Whereupon he downed a bottle of eau de cologne,...

January 02, 1967 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The Houston team is big enough to scare opponents silly, and it puts on the sport's wildest show

January 02, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy
His methods and their manners may be anathema to the button-down-collar crowd, but Cornell's Ned Harkness and the players he lures from Canada's backwoods have made Ithaca a capital of college hockey

January 02, 1967 | Jack Nicklaus
Swinging at a golf ball that is well below the level of your stance, say in a gully or a ditch, should be a backbreaking business. The usual tendency is to get the club head down to the level of...

January 02, 1967 | Thomas F. Moore

January 02, 1967

January 02, 1967
•Millie Ignizio, 19, one of five of the Woman's International Bowling Congress' nearly three million members to have a 200 or better average in 1965-66: "I...I...I couldn't have done it without my...

January 02, 1967
ASIAN GAMES—JAPAN collected 78 gold medals, 53 silver and 33 bronze to easily win the fifth Asian Games at Bangkok, Thailand (page 18).

January 02, 1967
14—Herb Scharfman16, 17—Sheedy & Long (2), Herb Scharfman19—Jerry Cooke-LIFE INTERNATIONAL36—© Louis Checkman41—Jack Tinney—Philadelphia Bulletin, UPI42—Don Uhrbrock44—Tony Triolo48—RKO Radio...

January 02, 1967
Ricky McCormick, a 4-foot-11, 95-pound ninth-grader from Independence, Mo., scored a world-record 4,569 points when he won the tricks event at the Group I Water Ski Championships in Cuernavaca,...

January 02, 1967 | Joe Jares

January 02, 1967
EMERGENCESirs:Congratulations on one of the most meaningful articles I've ever read (Sport in Emerging Africa, Dec. 19). I hope you at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will continue to print more articles of...

January 02, 1967 | Frank Deford