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January 16, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 3

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Lynn Tindall Cover - Sports Illustrated January 16, 1967

January 16, 1967 | Tex Maule
The usually undemonstrative Vince Lombardi struck a dramatic pose on the eve of the Super Bowl, but most experts believe that his Green Bay Packers will take Kansas City pretty much in stride

January 16, 1967 | Tex Maule
The oddsmakers have pretty well established Green Bay as a 13-point betting favorite for the Super Bowl—which seems logical enough—but no one has yet determined who will be the sentimental...

January 16, 1967 | Frank Deford

January 16, 1967 | Robert H. Boyle

January 16, 1967 | Bil Gilbert

January 16, 1967
THE SUPER BOWL! An analytic report by Tex Maule of the first meeting of the NFL and AFL champions, lavishly illustrated with color photographs of significant plays.

January 16, 1967
The new swimsuits for this resort season are made of just enough red to stop traffic by a desert swimming pool or on a Caribbean beach, the other necessary ingredient in the design being...

January 16, 1967 | Liz Smith
The air, the sun and a horde of swinging resorters have turned the playgrounds near Scottsdale from sedentary retreats into places as active as any in the Caribbean

January 16, 1967 | Garry Valk
Pro supergames and college superties notwithstanding, one of the most emphatic reactions SPORTS ILLUSTRATED arouses is to covers like this week's picture of Marilyn Tindall holidaying at Apache...

January 16, 1967 | Harold Peterson

January 16, 1967
Astronaut Gordon Cooper went 3.3 million miles in Gemini 5 without a pit stop, but in the 250-mile Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami's Marine Stadium he had to beach his boat three times for...

January 16, 1967 | Gary Ronberg
The baffling Red Wings somehow cannot win out of town, but are terrors at home. This adds up only to fifth place in the NHL standings, but after a four-game winning binge the Wings are envisioning...

January 16, 1967 | Charles Goren
Have you ever wondered whether all those hands you see played so brilliantly in the bridge columns were actually played that way at the table? To tell you the truth, so have I. But good bridge...

January 16, 1967 | Jack Nicklaus
Getting yourself ready to play a golf course that is considerably longer or shorter than your usual one presents certain problems in shot adjustment. For instance, if you normally use a driver and...

January 16, 1967 | Bob Ottum

January 16, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: With Billy Cunningham scoring seven points in overtime to beat the Knicks 148-142 and with Chet Walker getting two quick field goals to defeat the Bullets 121-115 in overtime,...

January 16, 1967
4—Fred R. Smith10—Art Shay11-Rod Hanna13-Roy De Carava14, 15—Leviton-Atlanta16, 17—Bud Kamenish18, 19—Wil Blanche21—Bill Mark24—painting by Jack Brusca36-39—Richard Meek41, 42—Carl Iwasaki44—left,...

January 16, 1967
Wesley Yee, 16, of the Bronx became the first Chinese player to earn a U.S. Handball Association national championship when he won the under-17 class by taking the final match of the four-wall...

January 16, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

January 16, 1967
$UPERGAMESirs:Now that the Supergame is set to be played in Los Angeles on January 15, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NFL for blacking out the Los Angeles area. I know I speak...

January 16, 1967

January 16, 1967
•Dick Walsh, Los Angeles Dodger vice-president, accepting a five-year contract at $50,000 a year to be commissioner of the new North American Soccer League: "I don't even know how many men there...

January 16, 1967 | Arthur Siegel
With its backdrop of volcanic rock hovering above the northern skyline, Montreal, the biggest French-speaking city outside Paris, provides a dramatic setting for sport. The people live up to the...

January 16, 1967 | Thomas Dozier