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January 23, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 4

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Max McGee Cover - Sports Illustrated January 23, 1967

January 23, 1967 | Tex Maule

January 23, 1967 | Frank Deford
His coach calls Jimmy Walker 'this train' because of his speed and power, just two attributes that make him the most complete player in college basketball, a sure All-America and a cinch to star...

January 23, 1967 | Alfred Wright
It was a new PGA tour that opened in San Diego, but the oldsters dominated the day, especially Bob Goalby, who apparently has exchanged his tempestuous nature for the sweet serenity of success

January 23, 1967
When it comes to working up a solid case of national hysteria, few people can match the Japanese. Their latest object of affection is a cocky little fellow named Masahiko (Fighting) Harada, who...

January 23, 1967 | Robert H. Boyle

January 23, 1967
The amazing rangers of New York have vaulted from cellar to roof in hockey in a year. Pete Axthelm tells how, and the color camera focuses on Goalie Eddie Giacomin.

January 23, 1967
To raise money for a São Paulo hospital, two dozen Brazilian celebrities, including a former president, a cardinal and the country's famed soccer player, Pelé (SI, Oct. 24) agreed to do paintings...

January 23, 1967 | Robert H. Boyle
Bored with orthodox patterns, a gifted amateur flytier has removed the collar from the mayfly to make it look more like the real thing

January 23, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
Speed is very important in Joe O'Farrell's life. He drives, talks and acts fast, and the business he runs has grown faster in the last decade than any other horse-breeding enterprise anywhere....

January 23, 1967 | Benito Garozzo
The author, ranked by many experts as the world's best bridge player, decries an internal struggle that may break up Italy's famed Blue Team

January 23, 1967 | Virginia Kraft

January 23, 1967 | Gary Valk
"There was not a part of my body that was not welted black, blue and purple. I was dragged on my stomach, on my sides and on my knees, for what must eventually have totaled several miles over...

January 23, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: PHILADELPHIA (41-4) won three more games to push its runaway lead in the Eastern Division to 9½ games. One of the 76ers' victories was a big 110-95 win over the Celtics in Boston,...

January 23, 1967
10, 11—James Drake12, 13—Walter Iooss Jr.14—Neil Leifer15—Neil Leifer, James Drake, Walter Iooss Jr., James Drake16—Walter Iooss Jr.18-19—Wil Blanche20—UPI22, 23—T. Tanuma40—left, Paul W....

January 23, 1967
Melissa Leib, a ninth-grader from Glen Head, N.Y., riding her mother's hunter jumper, Valiant Hawk, finished first in classes for green working hunters, green conformation hunters and advanced...

January 23, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

January 23, 1967
IN THE POCKETSirs:Bob Ottum's article, Wimpy Was a Sleeping Beauty (Jan. 9), captures the deep excitement of pocket billiards as no one else has ever done. Thanks for bringing your readers this...

January 23, 1967

January 23, 1967
•Willie Davis, Green Bay defensive end, on the $15,000 he earned in the Super Bowl: "It's kind of like putting sugar on top of ice cream."