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February 13, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 7

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Rick Barry Cover - Sports Illustrated February 13, 1967

February 13, 1967

February 13, 1967
•Mike Ditka, Chicago Bear tight end, on Coach George Halas: "He tosses nickels around like manhole covers."

February 13, 1967 | Tex Maule
A vindictive champion punished Ernie Terrell through 15 brutal rounds. He convinced remaining doubters that he is king of the heavies

February 13, 1967 | Kim Chapin

February 13, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce
One enthusiast calls it a capital cure for a hangover. Shivering landsmen regard it as medicine only a masochist could swallow. But for the addicted few who at this time of year like to wrap...

February 13, 1967
High Riser Bob Seagren has pole-vaulted farther into the indoor sky than anyone else. The personable Californian, John Underwood writes, aspires to yet greater heights.

February 13, 1967 | Frank Deford

February 13, 1967 | George Plimpton

February 13, 1967 | Garry Valk
Although the necessity of fitting the vast variety and sheer quantity of U.S. sport into a finite number of pages often leaves our editors gnashing at their pencils, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has never...

February 13, 1967 | Robert H. Boyle

February 13, 1967
They will not throw out the first ball in Baltimore's Memorial Stadium for eight weeks, but the scoreboard already shows a strikeout against the home team. Jerry Hoffberger, who owns both the...

February 13, 1967 | Joe Jares
Conceived as a public relations package and born amid confusion, the American Basketball Association has solid financial backing

February 13, 1967 | Tom C. Brody
The world's best shotputter, Randy Matson, is a big man to challenge, but an ex-runt from the University of Oregon is making him strain

February 13, 1967 | Duncan Barnes
If a shooting trip to County Caithness can be taken as a criterion, Winchester-Western has a good thing going in its hunting-tour plan, and sportsmen who have been burned by unreliable outfitters...

February 13, 1967 | Jack Olsen

February 13, 1967
BASKETBALL—Eastern Leader PHILADELPHIA (49-8) dropped successive games to the Lakers and the Warriors on the West Coast but the 76ers finally halted their slight skid—four losses in five games—by...

February 13, 1967
32-34—Sheedy & Long48—Roy De Carava55—left, London Sun56—Frank Teti-Roy Cummings58—Roger Jensen59—Richard Cavin60—Duncan Barnes62, 63—Daniele Pettinari65, 66—David Lees75—Bob Lehman, U.S....

February 13, 1967
Tom Poor, 23, a mathematics teacher at Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pa., won every game against four opponents to take the singles championship at the 25th annual Apawamis Club squash racquets...

February 13, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

February 13, 1967
HAPPY BLUES Sirs: Your January 30 article on the new New York Rangers (Francis Forges an Up Team in a Down Town) was undoubtedly the finest ever written about any team. It portrayed the true...

February 13, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce
If you build a better walking stick, people will stroll along a pathway to your door

February 13, 1967 | Duncan Barnes
It may be a 'spare end' of Maine, but Grand Lake Stream has bounty to spare

February 13, 1967 | Donald Jackson