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February 20, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 8

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Bob Seagren Cover - Sports Illustrated February 20, 1967

February 20, 1967

February 20, 1967
•Bobby Bell, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker and Minnesota resident, asked his opinion on holding the Super Bowl at a neutral site: "I don't like it. Now I have to pay taxes in three states."

February 20, 1967 | Bob Ottum

February 20, 1967 | Bob Ottum
The Alpe d'Huez bob course has all of the requirements of a classic bob run: a head-jerking labyrinth, some brutal switchbacks and soaring curves. From the official start to the finish line, it...

February 20, 1967 | Gwilym S. Brown
Marie Mulder is not running any slower than she used to. It is just that everybody else is getting faster. Abby Hoffman beat her in a featured half mile last week, but Marie has only begun to fight

February 20, 1967 | Frank Deford

February 20, 1967
Princeton builds an Ivy League dynasty in basketball, to match Harvard's in crew, and it has a coach whose recruiting program is as efficient as his techniques on the court.

February 20, 1967 | John Underwood

February 20, 1967 | Gary Valk
It doesn't just seem that SI's preparations for the next Olympics begin almost before the previous Games are over. In September of 1964, only a few months after the Innsbruck Games, a SPORTS...

February 20, 1967 | Fred R. Smith

February 20, 1967
Recently when Don Blasingame signed with Osaka's Nankai. Hawks, league officials decided that the former major league second baseman should change his name. "We don't want Japanese fans to...

February 20, 1967 | Gwilym S. Brown
Extremely long, serpentine tees are just one of the original features that Golf Architect Desmond Muirhead is bringing to his distinctive courses

February 20, 1967 | Whitney Tower
That seems to be true in California, at least, where the Derby candidates are not in the same class as those based in Florida. The best prospect of all, however, may be a colt spending the winter...

February 20, 1967 | Gary Ronberg
Little Mike Caruso (above) was born to wrestle and Pappajohn was born to root. The two are having themselves a big year at Lehigh

February 20, 1967 | Bil Gilbert

February 20, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: Philadelphia (52-10) lost another half a game of its Eastern Division lead as the 76ers won three of five, while BOSTON (45-14) took three of four. The Celtics—now 5½ games...

February 20, 1967
Amy Edwards, 10, a fifth-grade student at Aurora Gardens Academy in New Orleans, set a family rope-jumping record and—who knows—maybe a world record with a run of 2,676 uninterrupted skips, easily...

February 20, 1967
21—map by Dan Todd23—Bud Gray24-31—Tony Triolo32-34—Curt Gunther-Roy Cummings50—Birnback, AP52—illustralon by Frank Golden59, 60—Bob Peterson79—bottom right, Houston Post

February 20, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

February 20, 1967
STAR DUSTSirs:Congratulations on the article Next Year's Stars Are Here (Feb. 6). It shows all of us college basketball fans what to expect next year and in the years to come. As for Calvin Murphy...