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March 27, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 13

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Jean-Claude Killy Cover - Sports Illustrated March 27, 1967

March 27, 1967 | Frank Deford

March 27, 1967 | Dan Jenkins
On successive weekends of U.S. racing, Jean-Claude Killy won seven out of seven races, bringing his season victories to 15 and establishing his position as the greatest skier the sport has produced

March 27, 1967 | Bob Ottum
Seven years ago at the Squaw Valley Olympics the French astonished the ski set with their "egg position" racing stance—and now, sitting on the floor in what looks vaguely like a lotus position,...

March 27, 1967 | Martin Kane

March 27, 1967
The final round of the NCAA basketball championships is recorded by our color cameras and viewed by Frank Deford. The question is: Who can beat Alcindor next season?

March 27, 1967 | Rose Mary Mechem
'You Can't Be Tough. These Boys Are Not Paid for This'

March 27, 1967 | Mark H. McCormack

March 27, 1967 | Mark H. McCormack
Total winnings: $895,702

March 27, 1967 | Garry Valk
During his stormy career as one of the leading jockeys in America, Bill Hartack often has complained that his arch-enemies—members of the press—were telling only one side of the story. A few years...

March 27, 1967 | Robert Cantwell
Crows hate to get up in the morning. They like to perch near the top of a small tree with lots of other crows around, and stay there. There are 10 million crows now spending the nights at a roost...

March 27, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy
Paul Richards is in charge now, and the Braves seem to love it

March 27, 1967 | Tom C. Brody
Steve Rerych grew to six and a half feet on a concoction that would make even Dracula blanch. The result? He terrifies other swimmers

March 27, 1967 | Bill Hartack

March 27, 1967 | Bill Hartack
For the first time Hartack tells his side of those famous battles with the press, racing officials and owners that have cost him so dearly.

March 27, 1967
BADMINTON—Defending champion MRS. JUDY DEVLIN HASHMAN, who plans to retire from competition after the U.S. Open next month because "it's too strenuous at the age of 31," won her 10th All-England...

March 27, 1967
4—Jerry Cooke14—Neil Leifer15—Rich Clarkson16, 17—Lee Balterman19—Gerald R. Brimacombe20, 21—Jerry Cooke22, 23—London Mirror-Gilloon37—James Drake38—Walter Iooss Jr., John G. Zimmerman, Phil...

March 27, 1967
Steven Omi, 9, of Berkeley, Calif., who swims, plays baseball and recently took up gymnastics, won the overall title in his division at the Northern California Gymnastics Championships in...

March 27, 1967 | Mervin Hyman
THE NCAAThe preliminaries were over in the NCAA tournament, and the four regional survivors—UCLA in the West, Houston in the Midwest, North Carolina in the East and Dayton in the Mideast—were...

March 27, 1967
HOWARD THE GREATSirs:Howard Cosell is egotistical, self-righteous, tactless and often maudlin (Would You Let This Man Interview You? March 13). He is a genuinely disgusting person. Right? Wrong!...

March 27, 1967

March 27, 1967
•Linda Knowles, British high jumper, after 6'7" West German Shotputter Heinfried Birlenbach lifted her hotel room door off its hinges and carried it down the corridor at. 2 a.m. during the...

March 27, 1967 | James R. Fair