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April 03, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 14

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Lew Alcindor Cover - Sports Illustrated April 03, 1967

April 03, 1967 | Frank Deford

April 03, 1967 | Bob Ottum
Winning three races in the season's final week at Jackson Hole, Canada's Nancy Greene (above right) accepts congratulations from Marielle Goitschel, whom she beat to become the world's best girl skier

April 03, 1967 | Kim Chapin
Gregory Buckingham is tall, dark, handsome and, suddenly, a star of American swimming. In the NCAA title meet his record-breaking victories lifted the Indians above strong Southern California and...

April 03, 1967 | William Leggett
Detroit had a bewildering season in 1966, but now, under a new manager and a shrewd coaching staff, the hard-hitting Tigers are acting like a team that intends to win the American League pennant

April 03, 1967 | Mark Kram
The heavyweight champion won an interesting fight against an aging but surprisingly worthy challenger. Now Ali's clouded future raises the possibility that the ring soon may be deprived of its...

April 03, 1967
The great debate—field-goal version—is settled as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pits U.S. pro kickers against champion Rugby and soccer players on their English home grounds.

April 03, 1967 | Bill Hartack
There's always been a great deal of talk about my arrogance and my resentment of authority. I guess I make an issue out of it. After I'd been riding about a year and a half and had lost the bug, I...

April 03, 1967 | Bill Hartack
Hartack tells how he developed his distinctive riding style, analyzes his Derby wins and reveals why he never married.

April 03, 1967 | Garry Valk
As you may know, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is written and edited in New York, but it is composed in Chicago, a 713-mile gap that creates occasional problems—typographical errors, for one. Such problems...

April 03, 1967 | Pete Axthelm

April 03, 1967
Womens' Wear Daily, which likes to keep abreast or avant the fashion guard, consulted Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali last week about women's styles. "Western women's clothes are lustful," Ali...

April 03, 1967
Blazers used to be simple navy-blue-flannel jackets adorned with brass buttons. Now they come in all sorts of colors and fabrics, and blazer buttons, as witness the collection at left, can be...

April 03, 1967
TOP ROW: two antique brass English hunt club designs (each set of 7, $13.50), Old Buttons, Inc., New York; authentic shotgun shell (set of 7, $3.50), Abercrombie & Fitch, New York; Stanford...

April 03, 1967 | Gary Ronberg
Led by a gangle-armed farmer who hates to diet, Michigan State overcame a long and inglorious tradition of losing to give a fresh new look to a sport that for years has been dominated by the same...

April 03, 1967 | Whitney Tower
Damascus may have hardly worked up a sweat in his brief career, but his performance in the Bay Shore should put his foes in a lather

April 03, 1967 | Charles Goren
Partner switching was rampant before the Vanderbilt began, but when the musical chairs had ended, there was one man who was right back where he started, a winner last year and a winner again, Lew...

April 03, 1967 | Jack Olsen
The Ten Thousand Islands, half of which are in Florida's Everglades National Park, are a maze of waterways and heavy growth that abounds in fish, snakes, alligators, wild birds—and some pretty...

April 03, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: Champion PHILADELPHIA won its Eastern Division semifinal playoff, while runnerup BOSTON held a 2-1 lead over fourth-place New York at week's end. The record-setting 76ers started...

April 03, 1967
Erika Skinger, 18, of Stowe, Vt., whose best finish in four years of racing was a fifth, took combined honors at the National Junior Alpine Skiing Championships on Mt. Mansfield, Vt. by winning...

April 03, 1967
4—Art Shay17—Neil Leifer18—Rich Clarkson, Neil Leifer19—Rich Clarkson20—Neil Leifer22—Jim Elder24—Art Shay26—Herb Scharfman28—Neil Leifer—Life30, 31—Jerry Cooke36—UPI37—Bud Kamenish43-45—Tony...

April 03, 1967
UNDERCOVER GIRLSirs:I wish to thank you and Bob Ottum for the fine article on Miss Peggy Fleming (Crystal and Steel on the Ice, March 13). I am pleased to see that Mr. Ottum and I are on the same...

April 03, 1967

April 03, 1967
•Bobby Ussery, on Reflected Glory, a Kentucky Derby favorite: "He may be a late starter, but he's an early finisher."

April 03, 1967 | Robert Cantwell
One of the few British soldiers to come out of the Battle of New Orleans with an enhanced reputation was a 28-year-old signal officer named John Franklin. Young Mr. Franklin had already given the...

April 03, 1967 | Herm Weiskopf
Soaring over beer kegs is not everyone's idea of fun, but many find it lively as a polka and heady as a pint of beer