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May 15, 1967 | Volume 26, Issue 20

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Don Drysdale Cover - Sports Illustrated May 15, 1967

May 15, 1967
Diana Timberlake, 16, a marksman from Alexandria, Va. who won 14 awards at last year's U.S. rifle championships and was a member of the 1966 women's international prone team, became the first girl...

May 15, 1967
BASKETBALL—After a two-day special draft for the stocking of the NBA's new Seattle and San Diego franchises (each of the 10 established clubs relinquished three men), the annual draft of college...

May 15, 1967
Cover—left, James Drake, Herb Scharfman; right. Herb Scharfman, James Drake4—Herb Scharfman24—Courier-Journal and Louisville Times27—Art Shay28—Don Uhrbrock31—Wil Blanche32, 33—Jesse L....

May 15, 1967
UNIDENTICAL TWINSSirs:Congratulations to Joe Jares for an outstanding article about our weird Twins. (Poor Sam—What a Weird Week, May 1). I can't remember reading a wittier or more interesting...

May 15, 1967

May 15, 1967
•Dennis Ralston, explaining why he has been successful as a professional tennis player although he never could win big matches as an amateur: "The weight of the whole country is now off my...

May 15, 1967 | Whitney Tower

May 15, 1967 | John Underwood
A group of Notre Dame alumni returned to the campus last weekend for the annual spring football game against the varsity and discovered the hard way (39-0) that their alma mater may well be No. 1...

May 15, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy
One of the sights at the Champions was South Africa's cross-handed Indian, and another was Frank Beard crossing up the odds to take a title away from Palmer for the second time in a month

May 15, 1967
A red uprising is in prospect in Cincinnati, where surprising pitching strength, combined with the hitting everyone knew was there, has produced a genuine pennant possibility.

May 15, 1967 | Harold Peterson
Beating the other crews to the finish line is only a small part of oarsmanship on the Ohio River. The real challenge lies in trying to find a moment of calm between floods, dry enough so the race...

May 15, 1967 | Bob Ottum

May 15, 1967 | Garry Valk
Jack Olsen says they laughed when he sat down to do a four-part Buzzie Bavasi series. Although Bavasi had been an obvious choice for an inside baseball story for years, interviewing the...

May 15, 1967 | Duncan Barnes

May 15, 1967
The newest accouterments for sporting wardrobes get their design inspiration from equestrian tack

May 15, 1967
The two shoulder bags are by Ruza. The one of tan cowhide on the left is $20, the brown buckskin saddlebag $70. The Levine boots are both $45, the silver evening moccasin $50, the horseshoe pump...

May 15, 1967
Ordinarily a winning race driver is conscientious, even enthusiastic, about his victor's duty to kiss the young lady presenting him with his trophy. Graham Hill, for example, took his...

May 15, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
Montreal's Canadiens learned that lesson painfully as the good, gray Toronto Maple Leaf goalies, Terry Sawchuk (above) and Johnny Bower, led hockey's oldest warriors to an unexpected Stanley Cup...

May 15, 1967 | Joe Jares
The Red Sox may not be world beaters yet, but their manager has them wide-awake and charging

May 15, 1967 | Charles Goren
Last year, for the first time since 1956 when Tobias and Jan Stone finished first and second, a husband and wife have both placed in the top 10 in the McKenney Trophy race, the annual competition...

May 15, 1967 | Buzzie Bavasi

May 15, 1967 | Buzzie Bavasi
Bavasi explains the many ploys of salary haggling and tells how a ballplayer can maneuver himself into taking less pay.

May 15, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf

May 15, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf
People are calling 34-year-old Reliever Ted Abernathy of the Cincinnati Reds (right) all the names they can think of, and that suits him just fine, for it is a tip-off that he is pitching well....

May 15, 1967 | Joseph Carroll
The fair-minded biographer (if such there be) is supposed to state the case against his subject as well as for him. Joseph Durso, the author of Casey, The Life and Legend of Charles Dillon Stengel...

May 15, 1967 | Robert Cantwell
The flinty domino players of Oklahoma play a stern, granitic game, giving no quarter and asking none, but their current champion is an Indian chief who didn't even plan to play