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August 14, 1967 | Volume 27, Issue 7

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Gary Cuozzo Cover - Sports Illustrated August 14, 1967

August 14, 1967 | Mark Kram
The bouts were good and honest in Houston's Astrodome as Jimmy Ellis and Thad Spencer became the first winners in the elimination tournament to pick a successor to a morose and fatalistic Muhammad Ali

August 14, 1967 | Dan Jenkins
When two famous All-Stars faced Green Bay, one, Bubba Smith (left), lived up to his clippings but Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier (right) was downcast

August 14, 1967 | Bob Ottum

August 14, 1967 | Frank Deford

August 14, 1967
Boston's heroes, old and new, are spotlighted. Ted Williams fishes and talks baseball with John Underwood. Mark Mulvoy visits Carl Yastrzemski and the amazing Red Sox.

August 14, 1967 | Tex Maule

August 14, 1967
A good Thoroughbred racehorse has a mettlesome look: brimming with spirit, courageous. The champion often possesses, in addition, an air of hauteur, or so it seems to human eyes. But no visible...

August 14, 1967 | Garry Valk
Outdoor enthusiasts say you are liable to meet Sierra Club members anywhere, if the country is wild enough. The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and largest American conservation societies, and...

August 14, 1967 | Edwin Shrake

August 14, 1967 | Jack Nicklaus
Here is a peculiar shot that comes up much more often than you might think, not only on courses in sandy areas but around bunkers everywhere. I faced it twice in the Doral Open this spring, and...

August 14, 1967
The Democrats lost another one to the Republicans, but they weren't panicking yet. This off-year contest was at baseball and the Congressional Democrats charlie-browned their way to a fifth...

August 14, 1967 | Gary Ronberg
Rusty Staub, signed at 18 as Houston's hope of the future, got off to an uncertain start, but now, at 23, he's a contender for the batting title

August 14, 1967 | Kim Chapin
The season's Trans-American racing championship for the newly popular sporty cars reached the halfway point at a hairy little New Hampshire track on a weekend of rain, wrecks and some...

August 14, 1967 | Charles Goren
The Congress Cup, emblematic of the intercity bridge championship, is the latest piece of silverware to be taken away from the aces of U.S. bridge. For the first time since the event was...

August 14, 1967 | Angelo Dundee
Muhammad Ali's trainer begins the story of the heavyweight champion's progress in the ring, describing from his unique vantage point the kid who believed so strongly in himself, who erred often...

August 14, 1967 | Angelo Dundee
Dundee tells exactly what happened during the hysterical weigh-in and controversial Miami bout with Sonny Liston.

August 14, 1967

August 14, 1967
•Ron Laird, U.S. race walker after he went off course in the Pan-American Games' 20,000-meter walk: "I knew something was wrong when I came to a locked gate."

August 14, 1967 | Mike Riley

August 14, 1967 | Mike Riley
The trade in the stretch—it's become the stamp of the true pennant contender over the years. The manager surveys the bullpen or glances down the dugout and decides that an experienced hitter or...

August 14, 1967
BOATING—With three preliminary-heat victories and a second-place finish in the final, BILLY SCHUMACHER of Seattle totaled 1,500 points to easily win the Gold Cup race for unlimited hydroplanes on...

August 14, 1967
Greg Yost Jr., a 10-year-old pitcher for the Nazareth (Pa.) Indians who had an 8-2 won-loss record and a .600 batting average his season, tossed his fourth no-hitter (10-0, 8-0, 4-0, 8-0) in...

August 14, 1967
4—Walter Daran13—Herb Scharfman14—Neil Leifer16, 17—John F. Jaqua18, 20—James Drake19—James Drake, Eric Schweikardt23—AP, Fred Kaplan-Black Star (2)30-33—Russ Halford53—UPI, Camerapix from...

August 14, 1967
REPRESENTATIVE VIEWSirs:I would like to take this opportunity to commend SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and John Underwood for an excellent story, Best Kept Secrets (June 12). This article was unquestionably...