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August 28, 1967 | Volume 27, Issue 9

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated August 28, 1967

August 28, 1967

August 28, 1967
•Bob Pettit, ex-St. Louis Hawk basketball pro now a banker in Baton Rouge: "There's no easier way to make a living than being a pro athlete. It spoils people. You make more money than you'll...

August 28, 1967 | Eddie Stanky

August 28, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy
What began as an ordinary interleague game between the Eagles and the Jets ended as a grudge fest and a New York loss—the fifth for the AFL

August 28, 1967 | Carleton Mitchell

August 28, 1967
St. Louis spirit bubbles as the astounding Cardinals continue to dominate the National League. William Leggett gives a close-in look at this ever popular baseball team.

August 28, 1967 | Angelo Dundee

August 28, 1967 | Garry Valk
There is a new book in the stores this week called The Wonderful World of Sport, and if that sounds familiar to some of our older readers, there is a good reason. In the early days of SPORTS...

August 28, 1967 | Joseph Carroll

August 28, 1967 | Derek Morgan
A transplanted Welshman, homesick for soccer the way it should be, cries in pain at the U.S. televised version

August 28, 1967
"I'll tell you this. The next time I marry, it'll be to a girl of 17 or 18—one that I can raise to my way of thinking." So said Muhammad Ali (below, right) in 1965, and last week in Chicago he was...

August 28, 1967 | Alice Higgins
Young John du Pont, host to the national championships, found that organizing the event could be a handicap for a dedicated competitor

August 28, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
The world's best is Roquepine, the mare who won the Roosevelt International but en route became the center of an international incident of sorts when another French hope, Oscar R L, decided to run...

August 28, 1967 | Whitney Tower
"The indecision over whether Dr. Fager or Damascus is the 3-year-old champion has finally ended. Ever since Dr. Fager defeated Damascus in the one-mile Gotham at Aqueduct—the only meeting between...

August 28, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce

August 28, 1967 | Curry Kirkpatrick

August 28, 1967 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Last week a refreshing breeze from the West—with gusts from the North and possibly even the East—blew into the roundhouse of the Houston Astros. He is a 23-year-old pitcher named Crash Von Hoff,...

August 28, 1967
BOATING—At the end of the first week of the America's Cup final-selection trials in Newport, R.I., INTREPID and COLUMBIA both were undefeated, with 3-0 records (page 26).

August 28, 1967
4—James Mahan18-20—Herb Scharfman21—AP23—Herb Scharfman, Fred Kaplan—Black Star24—Tony Triolo27, 28—Hans Knopf-Pix32—Howard Bingram-LIFE34—Jerry Cooke37—Neil Leifer-LIFE57—UPI58—Stuart Smith60,...

August 28, 1967
Candy Michaeloff, a Minneapolis golfer who took both the 1967 state women's junior and publinks titles for the second straight time, added the Western Junior trophy to her wins this year by...

August 28, 1967
IMPERFECTLY INTERESTINGSirs:After reading Dan Jenkins' comment that there is "no excuse for continuing the College All-Star Game" (No Place for Stars to Shine, Aug. 14), I wonder if there is any...

August 28, 1967 | Jerry Izenberg
As owner of the great Seabiscuit and other famed stakes racers, the late C. S. Howard could stand up to any real turfman. It was those cowpokes and their quarter horse who did him in