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September 04, 1967 | Volume 27, Issue 10

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Tim McCarver Cover - Sports Illustrated September 04, 1967

September 04, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy

September 04, 1967 | Whitney Tower
There were horse races for everybody at the world's famous resorts last week, but none could equal the feature at the track they call The Spa, where a young colt turned in an old-pro performance

September 04, 1967 | Dan Jenkins
There were those who sailed and those who swam and those who merely sat and enjoyed the time-honored gastronomical treats of stick candy and hot dogs or vintage Veuve Clicquot and wild...

September 04, 1967 | William Leggett

September 04, 1967 | Carleton Mitchell
With scrupulous fairness and no cooperation from the weather, the America's Cup selection committee put four would-be defenders through their paces, then picked the boat everyone knew was it

September 04, 1967
College football 1967 gets under way with a new emphasis on the fight for No. 1. For the first time our football staff picks the Top 20 teams and provides an extensive scouting report on each. Dan...

September 04, 1967 | Frank Deford
But John Newcombe has just come of age at 23. He has a lovely wife, Angelique, and a major title, Wimbledon, and he could become the colorful champion his countrymen have long been awaiting

September 04, 1967
For eight months a year, in wet suit, mask and flippers, Artist-Skin Diver Stanley Meltzoff studies striped bass in murky tidal rivers, bays, inlets and the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. He...

September 04, 1967 | Duncan Barnes
On a July afternoon 19 years ago in a roped-off bathing area off Eighth Avenue beach in Belmar, N.J., Stanley Meltzoff borrowed a diving mask, dipped his head underwater and saw something moving....

September 04, 1967 | Garry Valk
This week SPORTS ILLUSTRATED serves up for your delectation a story on a shuffleboard hustler. A what?

September 04, 1967 | Melvin Durslag

September 04, 1967
Cavalry twill, a damn-the-torpedoes fabric of worsted wool woven in a diagonal pattern, was developed in the early part of the century for military and civilian riding clothes. The hard-wearing,...

September 04, 1967
Vonda Kay Van Dyke, Miss America of 1965 (below) recently took off from Santa Monica Airport and zipped through her first airplane solo in the family Cessna. Back in 1935, when the talent...

September 04, 1967 | Brent Musburger
Everything's up to date in Kansas City, even avant-garde. The A's fired, hired and fired a manager and gave away a $75,000 player

September 04, 1967 | Charles Goren
Last year Jeremy Flint of London mounted a sustained assault on American bridge titles. In an unprecedented foreign invasion of the U.S. tournament scene, he set a record by becoming a Life Master...

September 04, 1967 | Gilbert Rogin

September 04, 1967 | Gilbert Rogin
Shuffleboard is not deck shuffleboard, the full and proper name of the game played with a cue or stick. Deck shuffleboard is a parvenu that was apparently devised late in the 19th century as a...

September 04, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf

September 04, 1967 | Herman Weiskopf
Just how hectic the American League pennant scramble has become can be seen in the standings at the right. They reflect the events of last Friday night when, in the space of a few hours, the three...

September 04, 1967
BASEBALL—JAPAN, with Masahiro Miyahara, a 104-pound right-hander, pitching a three-hitter, won the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. for the first time in the 21-year history of the...

September 04, 1967
4—Eamon Kennedy12, 13—Herb Scharfman14, 15—Tony Triolo, Herb Scharfman, Sheedy & Long17—Jerry Cooke18—Martine Franck19—Gerry Cranham20—Russ Halford22-24—Fred Kaplan-Black Star29—Richard...

September 04, 1967
Ken Cline, 13, of Lincoln, Neb., who wants to become a sports-car designer when he grows up, drove his flashy blue racer (made to look like an alligator) to a first-place finish at the...

September 04, 1967
OYSTER STEWSirs:While I was traveling on vacation, a Wisconsin relative showed me your Aug. 14 edition containing the article, Dredging Up a Texas Squabble, in which I am quoted briefly. Your...

September 04, 1967

September 04, 1967
•Frank Howard, Clemson University football coach, on his son, a halfback: "I simply told Jimmy when he got out of high school I wanted him at a school where he could get a fine education and play...