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October 16, 1967 | Volume 27, Issue 16

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Lou Brock Cover - Sports Illustrated October 16, 1967

October 16, 1967
BOXING—Texan CURTIS COKES knocked out California challenger Charlie Shipes in the eighth round of their welterweight title bout in Oakland, Calif.

October 16, 1967
4—Richard Meek22—Walter Iooss Jr.23—Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr.24—Walter Iooss Jr.25—Neil Leifer26—Walter Iooss Jr., Herb Scharfman27—Neil Leifer28—Neil Leifer (2), Herb Scharfman29—John...

October 16, 1967
Robert Hafer, a junior high cyclist from Santa Monica, Calif., rode his Bianchi Special to a course record of 40 minutes flat to beat Syril Johnson by nearly 400 yards in the Tour de Santa Ynez...

October 16, 1967

October 16, 1967
•Ray Perkins, Baltimore Colt rookie, on his operation for a severe skull injury: "It's just like a knee injury—except I had it in the head."

October 16, 1967
PLAYBACKSirs:As a college football official (10 years on the staff of the Southern Conference) and a former high school coach, I would like to bring out a point that I think could have been a...

October 16, 1967 | William Leggett

October 16, 1967
Pro Basketball offers two new teams in the NBA and a whole new league, the ABA. Scouting reports cover both, plus a color essay and a special look at resurgent New York.

October 16, 1967 | Kim Chapin
That was the riders' plea as nearly 200 motorcycle racers pursued one of the nation's toughest sports championships up the steeps, down the hairy slopes and through the mire around Jamestown, N.Y.

October 16, 1967 | Gwilym S. Brown
Abandoning its royal and ancient ways, the Old Course hosts the biggest golf promotion ever, and Gay Brewer wins $55,000

October 16, 1967 | Edwin Shrake

October 16, 1967 | Garry Valk
There is nothing gladder in the whole world, says Luther (Wimpy) Lassiter on page 50, than running a pool table—that is, sinking every ball, stepping around all light and easy and full of your own...

October 16, 1967 | Dan Jenkins

October 16, 1967 | Luther Lassiter

October 16, 1967 | Harold Peterson
Wyoming may not have held much recently, but now the high-riding Cowboys have a Kiick, a kicker, a hot-handed quarterback and no losses

October 16, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

October 16, 1967 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Flanker Rick Eber was the prime target as four Tulsa quarterbacks threw for 698 yards and eight touchdowns in a 58-0 rout of Idaho State. Eber caught 20 passes (an NCAA record) for 322...

October 16, 1967
There were several firsts in a recent French horse race, though one of them sort of canceled another out. Queen Elizabeth's racing colors appeared for the first time in France when her horse...

October 16, 1967 | Gwilym S. Brown
If the run from London to the Channel resort seems endless, that is because it almost is. The race this year was won by a cadaverous Englishman who completed his long ordeal with a grim smile and...

October 16, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
Speed Model usually gets her kicks by trying to fling drivers out of the sulky, but she may have discovered that it's also fun to win

October 16, 1967 | Charles Goren
And that was good news for the U.S., as two experienced stars returned to competition and showed the kind of play that may give the all-conquering Italians something to worry about at the next...

October 16, 1967 | Pamela Knight
Hot, dry summers have fallen into disrepute, and no one hates them more than wild-mushroom hunters. Now, after the rainiest summer in 25 years, eastern mycologists as well as those in the West are...

October 16, 1967 | Whitney Tower
Topyo came from the famous stable of Suzy Volterra, but they let him go off at 82 to 1 in the Arc de Triomphe. So he won the richest classic

October 16, 1967 | Clive Gammon

October 16, 1967 | Parke Cummings
From the age of 6 on this pugilist never got a decision, never landed a blow. Then fate took over as manager