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November 20, 1967 | Volume 27, Issue 21

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Gary Beban Cover - Sports Illustrated November 20, 1967

November 20, 1967

November 20, 1967
•Edwin Cady, Indiana University English professor, after the Hoosiers were outpassed, outgained and outfirst-downed by Wisconsin, but still managed to win: "We have had enough moral victories over...

November 20, 1967 | Whitney Tower
Damascus was supposed to win the International at Laurel but he couldn't get past a horse who almost was not invited to race

November 20, 1967 | Tex Maule
The San Francisco 49ers began this season, as they have so many others, with high hopes. As usual, they have been unruffled by defeat, and Sunday's loss to Washington may have sealed their doom

November 20, 1967 | Alfred Wright
And a very good finish for the U.S. as the dreams of Cherif and Mohamed vanish before the certainties of record-breaking Arnold and Jack in the World Cup matches at Mexico City's Club de Golf

November 20, 1967 | Gwilym S. Brown

November 20, 1967
Surprise rookie Jim Hart of the St. Louis Cardinals has ripened years ahead of time. Mark Mulvoy tells about the quarterback who does things with a difference—and wins.

November 20, 1967 | Dan Jenkins

November 20, 1967 | Garry Valk
We are interested in everything television does, and in the 13 years that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has been publishing we have devoted no small number of our pages to that medium's concern with sport....

November 20, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
North Carolina State loses its unbeaten status, its high national ranking and the sheen on its fine season as Penn State scores quickly and then holds on and on and on in an unexpected display of...

November 20, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

November 20, 1967 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: UCLA Quarterback Gary Beban, who has had so many good days, was at his very best against Washington. He completed 14 of 22 passes for 289 yards and three touchdowns, ran for 44 more and...

November 20, 1967 | Virginia Kraft
Autumn is the hunter's time on the plateau north of the Grand Canyon. The tourists have all gone home, but deer still linger in the high land as if to savor the last leaves of summer

November 20, 1967
It may seem complicated and expensive to an Easterner, but Texas Oilman Edgar Brown recently settled the problem of giving a friend something he really wanted. Brown and Stuart Lang, a former...

November 20, 1967 | Jack Nicklaus
Here is a "trap" shot that is not played from sand, but can help you when conditions are hazardous. Used frequently on seaside courses when the wind is high and a lot of roll is desired, the shot...

November 20, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy
The most dangerous scorer in hockey's expansion division is Pittsburgh's Andy Bathgate, a 35-year-old retread with disobedient legs but a clear, shrewd head and a high-velocity slap shot that...

November 20, 1967 | Alice Higgins
A suspended rider who fought back made as much news at the Garden as the horses who set new records in a lively and exciting show

November 20, 1967 | Tanya Matthews
Bobby Fischer played like a champion at the international tournament in Tunisia, but he ended by forfeiting his way out of the competition

November 20, 1967 | Tom C. Brody

November 20, 1967
Clark Merritt, 63, a retired California tax auditor, and his partner, Robert Krost, 59, head of a public accounting firm in Pasadena, won their first bridge tournament when they took the $25,900...

November 20, 1967
22, 23—Herb Scharfman24, 25—Curt Gunther32—Sheedy & Long-TIME33, 34—Phil Bath-LIFE37—James F. Flores44—Roy DeCarava58—left, Roy DeCarava; right, Pictorial Parade63—Eric Schweikardt74, 75,...

November 20, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: PHILADELPHIA (10-2) retained its half-game lead in the Eastern Division after winning three games and losing to the Warriors 123-104. BOSTON (9-2) popped briefly into first place...

November 20, 1967
TRUST ANYONE OVER 30Sirs:For many years now I have read and enjoyed your fine publication, but now I must protest. Pete Axthelm states that the Toronto defense consists of "three old men and a...

November 20, 1967 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
The betting was only nominal at the Bennetts' card table that night, but the host had to pay up with his life