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November 27, 1967 | Volume 94, Issue 21

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Jim Hart Cover - Sports Illustrated November 27, 1967

November 27, 1967

November 27, 1967
•Charlie Tate, Miami football coach, on the noise in LSU stadium: "It's the kind of place that if the visiting captain wins the coin toss, he elects to take the crowd."

November 27, 1967 | Dan Jenkins

November 27, 1967 | John Underwood
Marvin Goux has vicious black eves and over each one a heavy strip of macadam that looks like an eyebrow. He wears his hair cut short, in the style popular at state prisons, and he keeps his belly...

November 27, 1967 | Frank Deford
While the new pro league battles for acceptance, one of its features—the three-point basket—stimulates a controversy

November 27, 1967 | Gilbert Rogin

November 27, 1967
College basketball's annual special issue presents the case for raising the baskets to 12 feet, the subject that engrosses the attention of an increasing number of coaches each year. We pay...

November 27, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy

November 27, 1967 | Garry Valk
One of the more ancient chestnuts concerning the mixture of women and sports is the story about the pretty young thing who turns to her escort in the first inning of the second game of a...

November 27, 1967 | Clive Gammon

November 27, 1967 | Tom C. Brody
Not in years has the Big Ten seen an all-everything back like Leroy Keyes, the nation's leading scorer who is running, passing, kicking and even intercepting the Boilermakers toward their first...

November 27, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

November 27, 1967 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Minnesota Quarterback Curt Wilson was a perfect leader for the Gophers' running game against Indiana. He rushed for 118 yards, scored four times on runs and, for variety, passed for his...

November 27, 1967 | R. S. Hewlett
Four centuries of exploration, commerce and conquest under canvas changed the shape of the world and every man's way of looking at it. They also provided the raw material for some of the world's...

November 27, 1967
The author of The Prince Philip Throneside Book, which was published last month in England, has for the past year held a $4,800 life insurance policy on Prince Philip. "I took the precaution of...

November 27, 1967 | Mark Mulvoy
Kathy Whitworth (above) became No. 1 when Mickey Wright retired temporarily. Next year the two girls will battle for the driver's seat

November 27, 1967 | Dolly Connelly
The first harvest of sea-otter skins since 1911 will be marked by a January fur auction in Seattle. The price of the skins—higher by far than either mink or sable—will make stylish women drool and...

November 27, 1967 | Whitney Tower
Ivor Godfrey Balding is a 59-year-old English-born horseman with slightly graying hair, a jolly round face highlighted by bushy eyebrows, a crisp, ducklike gait and a puckish sense of humor. For...

November 27, 1967 | Bil Gilbert

November 27, 1967
Jerry McDermott, 12, a self-taught golfer from Newell, S. Dak. Who took the 1966 and 1967 State Junior titles in his divisions on sudden-death playoffs, won the South Dakota West River junior...

November 27, 1967
4—Hans Knopf-Pix16, 17—Bob Peterson18—Bob Peterson, Neil Leifer22, 23—Don Uhrbrock24-26—Herb Scharfman52—Arthur Shay61—Pictorial Parade, AP62—C. B. Nieberding64—Ross Madden-LIFE72-86 Hans...

November 27, 1967
BASKETBALL—ABA: Eastern Division leader INDIANA (13-4) split four games, with one of its wins—119-118 over Dallas—coming at the buzzer on a 92-foot basket by Jerry Harkness. MINNESOTA (10-4) cut...

November 27, 1967
PONDERED PUNTSirs:The tenor of Dan Jenkins' article, Punt, John, Punt! (Nov. 13), is exquisite. It clearly captures the essence of John Pont's positive personality, the delirious dilemmas of...

November 27, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce
If Aunt Minnie gives you another one of those neckties again this Christmas, get yourself another aunt. This year stores all over the country are fairly bursting with more imaginative gifts,...

November 27, 1967 | Stan Fischler
There lay Gordie on the ice in a pool of blood. An unfortunate accident? So thought impartial observers, but to the frustrated Red Wings it looked like a case of plain premeditated murder