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December 11, 1967 | Volume 27, Issue 24

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Bobby Orr Cover - Sports Illustrated December 11, 1967

December 11, 1967
BOYCOTT (Cont.)Sirs:I find it quite ironic that the most militant Negroes have chosen athletics as their "field of agitation" (A Step to an Olympic Boycott, Dec. 4). In sports, and specifically in...

December 11, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce
It is a common fault among the biographers of great athletes to stress the homely virtues of their protagonists with such monotonous persistency that greatness turns to pure ennui. Mark H....

December 11, 1967

December 11, 1967
•Walter O'Malley, on the big-game trophies—polar bear, nyala, sable antelope, etc.—that he keeps in Dodger Stadium: "It's nice to have your own stadium. You wouldn't dare try to bring stuff like...

December 11, 1967 | Pete Axthelm

December 11, 1967 | Edwin Shrake
Taking advantage of an injudicious blitz, Oakland whipped San Diego and won the California State Championship of the AFL

December 11, 1967
Fighting for their lives, Los Angeles meets Green Bay and St. Louis gets a last-chance crack at Cleveland. Tex Maule covers both games as the NFL rushes toward a showdown.

December 11, 1967 | Joe Jares

December 11, 1967 | Mark Kram

December 11, 1967 | Garry Valk
Food per se is not a department of this magazine, but when it becomes involved with sport it becomes part of our responsibility. The subject may be a new recipe for preparing a game bird, or the...

December 11, 1967 | Robert H. Boyle

December 11, 1967 | Coles Phinizy

December 11, 1967
A record crowd at the Miami-Notre Dame football game included Oleg Cassini, Senator George Smathers and Richard Nixon. Nixon was rooting for Miami, but Miami lost 22-24. He later observed, "I went...

December 11, 1967 | John Underwood
Underdog Navy surprised Army with an outdated I offense and an I-got-you defense to win one it had been waiting 364 days to play

December 11, 1967 | Pete Axthelm
In what served as a test of the altitude problems Olympic runners will face at lofty Mexico City—and never mind the wind and the snow—the NCAA championship was held in Laramie, way up there at...

December 11, 1967 | Gwilym S. Brown
Jack Connaughton seldom had left his tiny Wisconsin home town. Then he traveled to Paris and won the world amateur bowling title

December 11, 1967 | Gary Cartwright

December 11, 1967
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON (16-6) barely held its lead in the Eastern Division after splitting two games with the Pistons and beating the Lakers 123-119, while PHILADELPHIA (17-7), only 19 percentage...

December 11, 1967
Harry Prince, soccer goalie for the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island, set a school record with six shutouts in 11 games, while holding opponents to only four goals (two of...

December 11, 1967
4—Shel Hershorn-Black Star23—Tony Triolo24, 25—top, Tony Triolo, Rich Clarkson, James Drake, bottom, James Drake26—Tony Triolo28, 29—Sheedy & Long31—Rich Clarkson32—James Drake34-36—Herb...

December 11, 1967 | Mervin Hyman

December 11, 1967 | Jeannette Bruce
The old-fashioned hoop and hoople stick are back with us but, as with almost everything else these days, the hoop and stick now have a space-age twist. Whereas the hoop of yesteryear was whacked...

December 11, 1967 | J.A. Maxtone Graham
When not pondering ways to save his flock, the minister of Belhelvie was often thinking about gunpowder