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January 22, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 3

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Vince Lombardi Cover - Sports Illustrated January 22, 1968

January 22, 1968

January 22, 1968
•Howie Dallmar, Stanford basketball coach, objecting to the rating of UCLA as No. 1 college team: "I don't think they deserve to be better than No. 4, behind the Philadelphia 76ers, San Francisco...

January 22, 1968 | Tex Maule

January 22, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
Not snow nor rain nor Jean-Claude Killy have been able to stop an Austrian and Swiss onslaught against what everyone until now had been assuming was a French sinecure—total supremacy

January 22, 1968 | Joe Jares
To their own astonishment, the longhairs of Columbia find themselves basketball fans, cheering on a collection of studious athletes who may win the Ivy and already have earned national recognition

January 22, 1968 | Alfred Wright

January 22, 1968 | George Plimpton

January 22, 1968
Super game succeeds Super Bowl as two unbeaten, top-ranked basketball teams, UCLA and Houston, meet in the Astrodome, a rematch of last season's NCAA game.

January 22, 1968 | Ron Delany

January 22, 1968 | Ron Delany
In the final part of his story, Ron Delany tells of the obstacles he had to overcome before he could win the Olympic 1,500.

January 22, 1968 | Frank Deford

January 22, 1968
Pretty Deirdre Barnard at 17 is a national water-ski champion in her own country and holder of the Australian Masters Championship. Next month she plans to take off for Australia to defend her...

January 22, 1968 | Herman Weiskopf
The diving coach at the University of South Carolina is a youthful Englishman who deftly parlays his accent, comedy routines and skill

January 22, 1968 | Gary Ronberg
Undaunted by his U.S. birth, big Doug Roberts wins an NHL wing

January 22, 1968 | Charles Goren
At the recent Blue Ribbon Pairs championship in New Orleans, which attracted 146 of the toughest pairs in the game, it was, once again, the old familiar names that wound up at the top....

January 22, 1968 | Edwin Shrake

January 22, 1968 | Gerry Valk
What with all-star games, divisional championships, conference championships, league championships, bowls, superbowls, post-bowl bowls and early spring pratice, it is sometimes difficult to be...

January 22, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: Johnny Greene, acquired earlier in the week from the Rockets, scored nine points during a fourth-period surge and 12 points in all in his first game for PHILADELPHIA (34-12) to...

January 22, 1968
Nick Ghawi, who was born in Israel and now attends George Williams College (Ill.) on a YMCA scholarship, served as captain and center-forward on the Indians' soccer team during the past season and...

January 22, 1968
15, 16—Walter Iooss Jr.17—Herb Scharfman18—Neil Leifer21—right, Jerry Cooke22—Wil Blanche25—Marvin E. Newmen27—top, Marvin E. Newman; bottom, Tony Triolo32, 33—Fred Lyon-Ropho...

January 22, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

January 22, 1968
NORTHWEST BY SOUTHEASTSirs:Your January 8 issue was a fine one. A longtime reader of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, I have often disagreed with and even been enraged by some of your opinions and found many...