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March 04, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 9

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Pete Maravich Cover - Sports Illustrated March 04, 1968

March 04, 1968 | Mark Kram

March 04, 1968 | Gary Ronberg
The Canadiens have been on the hottest streak In NHL history, but they know they cannot be complacent. Any letup invites the certain wrath of a must-win coach and the hostility of Montreal's...

March 04, 1968 | Pete Axthelm
The best race of the indoor track season brought three superb runners together at the AAU championships. A blanket finish in near-record time saw Martin McGrady remain undefeated

March 04, 1968 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 04, 1968
The Sands and Cacti of Florida and Arizona form the backdrop for baseball's annual surge of optimism. A report on the main source of hope: the new crop of rookies.

March 04, 1968 | Fred R. Smith
A rare thing happens in the mountains in the spring. The sun kisses the hard pack, frozen by the clear-night cold, and transforms it into "corn"—ball bearings of swishing ice. Few skiers know its...

March 04, 1968 | Duncan Barnes

March 04, 1968 | Garry Valk
Achievement in sport is, essentially, the province of youth. The classic story on the subject is the one about Stan Musial, in his final big-league season, meeting President Kennedy in the White...

March 04, 1968
The gentleman above who, for a change, is not looking into a camera, is Actor Robert Taylor. Taylor and wife Ursula Thiess (left) have been touring the world with the Winchester Clay-bird...

March 04, 1968 | Alfred Wright
Deane Beman, who is just starting his first full season on the pro tour, is only 5'7½" and does not hit the ball as far as the big boys, but his ability to putt and his quiet confidence mark him...

March 04, 1968 | Kim Chapin
Speeds were way up—to 190 mph—but joy way down in the Daytona 500 stock-car run as steady Cale Yarborough raced to a narrow win

March 04, 1968 | Whitney Tower
It is curious how the whole complexion of a racing season can be altered during the less than two minutes it takes to run off a single race. Consider, for example, the current 3-year-olds. Until...

March 04, 1968 | Ezra Bowen

March 04, 1968
BASKETBALL—ABA: In a week of sparse action all around the league first-place PITTSBURGH (44-21) increased its Eastern Division lead to three games with four straight wins. Two of the victories...

March 04, 1968
4—Tony Triolo14—Eric Schweikardt15—Wil Blanche17—Tony Marcillo18, 19—Wil Blanche21—Sheedy & Long22, 27—Rich Clarkson36-38—Hanson Carroll41—Walter R. Vecchio, AP42—UPI43—AP44—Eric...

March 04, 1968
Bruce La Budde, a distance runner from Georgia State College in Atlanta, won the 26¼-mile Atlanta Marathon in 2:26.02 for his fifth victory in five southeast marathons (luring the past two years....

March 04, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

March 04, 1968
JUST FOLKSSirs:Congratulations to Dan Jenkins and Bob Ottum for their "just folks" reports on the Olympics (Breakneck Time in France, Feb. 19). We Olympic spectators are quick to place our heroes...

March 04, 1968

March 04, 1968
•Bill Harmatz, told after winning a recent race at Santa Anita that he was getting the reputation of being a "mudder": "My kids still call me Daddy."