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March 11, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 10

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Cisco Carlos Cover - Sports Illustrated March 11, 1968

March 11, 1968

March 11, 1968
•Roger Craig, ex-pitcher and new manager of the Albuquerque Dodgers: "I lost 24 games my first year with the Mets. You've got to be a pretty good pitcher to lose that many. What manager is going...

March 11, 1968 | William Barry Furlong

March 11, 1968 | Martin Kane
All efforts to revive a long-dead sport seem to have failed. The final stand may be on the West Coast, where the California Collegiate Boxing Conference still slugs away. But it is only shadowboxing

March 11, 1968 | Whitney Tower

March 11, 1968 | William Leggett

March 11, 1968
Mostly there is a lot of standing around at Hawaii's Waimea Bay; watching, waiting in poses of patient despair, because these surfers—dedicated wintertime, north-shore-of-Oahu surfers—are not the...

March 11, 1968 | Percy Knauth

March 11, 1968
Previewing the NCAA basketball tournament—once assumed to be a formality—has acquired added interest since Houston beat UCLA. Joe Jares assesses early-round regionals.

March 11, 1968
Doug Lord, manager of welterweight champion Curtis Cokes, took a trip to South Africa recently to make arrangements for a match between Cokes and Willie Ludick. His plane made a stop in Nigeria,...

March 11, 1968 | Jack Nicklaus
When I return to the tour after a vacation I often spray my tee shots all over the golf course. This was particularly true during two of the tournaments in which I have played this year—first the...

March 11, 1968 | Ruth Lieder
Seven years ago Lilly Pulitzer, the enterprising daughter of Mrs. Ogden Phipps, opened an orange-juice stand in Palm Beach, Fla. using the oranges from her husband Peter's citrus groves. In order...

March 11, 1968 | Garry Valk
Surfing has long been a quasi-religious cult for wave worshipers from Gilgo to Malibu, and the Holy Land is the north shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands (page 36). There, early in December each...

March 11, 1968 | Joe Jares
In the final week Iowa leads a typical Big Ten gang fight, with Ohio State hoping for a playoff

March 11, 1968 | Hugh Whall
Since the first naval architect hollowed out the first log canoe, boats have been designed to move across water, but going on the water doesn't necessarily mean going in it. The point now is to go...

March 11, 1968 | William Johnson

March 11, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: PHILADELPHIA (52-17) won its only two games, but the 76ers lost half a game of their five-game Eastern Division lead after BOSTON (48-22) took three straight. Third-place NEW YORK...

March 11, 1968
6—Neil Leifer18—John F. Jaqua20—Gerry Cranham, courtesy Information Service of South Africa21—Keystone Press23—James Drake25—Tony Triolo26—Sheedy & Long28—Herb Scharfman29—Eric...

March 11, 1968
Joseph Gavin, a sixth grader at St. Gabriel School in the Bronx, N.Y. won a CYO foul-shooting contest with 23 of 25 and is the leading playmaker for his once defeated basketball team. In baseball...

March 11, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

March 11, 1968
KIWIS AND UNISULKIESSirs:Pat Ryan's article, New Zealand's Equine Gold Mine (Feb. 26), is the best—by 10 lengths—that has been done on the interesting subject of the New Zealanders' production of...

March 11, 1968 | William Johnson
The worst kind of nut is a pro football nut, and I have been writing the nut's book of pro football for 15 years now. I've sold around 100,000, and I still don't know why anyone would buy it." So...

March 11, 1968 | Frank Graham Jr.
Despite his name, Mr. Davis was not really a dirty fighter. But a Brownsville man's pride can be tried too far