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April 15, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 15

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Lou Brock Cover - Sports Illustrated April 15, 1968

April 15, 1968 | Alice Higgins
An effort to stir up interest in one of the season's earliest shows led to some stern logistic problems and a stimulating 18-horse contest

April 15, 1968 | Margaret Millar
One of America's foremost mystery-story writers hears a forbidding tap, tap, tap at her window. She investigates, and is suddenly enmeshed in a world of birds that ranges from a jealous towhee to...

April 15, 1968 | Margaret Millar
Margaret Millar, a past president of the Mystery Writers of America and winner of its esteemed Edgar Allan Poe award, is best known for her suspense fiction. The wife of Author Ken Millar—whose...

April 15, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco all completed their best-of-seven-games semifinals (page 34), winning four games to two over New York, Detroit and St. Louis, respectively,...

April 15, 1968
David Wilson, 12, of Olney, Ill., shot 60 straight bull's-eyes for a perfect 540 points to win the Junior Olympic Round of the 10th annual International Indoor Open Archery Tournament in Detroit,...

April 15, 1968
35—Walter Iooss Jr.36—Fred Kaplan-Black Star37—upper, Walter Iooss Jr., lower, Sheedy & Long (2)38—Walter Iooss Jr.40, 41—Tony Triolo42, 43—top, KRLD T.V., bottom, United States Olympic...

April 15, 1968
SOMETHING DIFFERENTSirs:Your article on Oakland (A City of Complexes, April 1) was very well done and Frank Deford should be commended for a well-researched report. Oakland is my home town and I'm...

April 15, 1968

April 15, 1968
•Charlie Bradshaw, Detroit Lions tackle, after joining 29 teammates in the filming of Paper Lion: "Some of the boys worked harder playing lions than they did as Lion players."

April 15, 1968
The masters, dominated for a decade by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. was won by Gay Brewer last year. Now a fresh wave of challengers tries to turn that into a trend.

April 15, 1968 | Frank Deford

April 15, 1968 | Kim Chapin
With $25,000 waiting for him in bowling's richest tournament, Dave Davis came down to the 10th frame of the last game against Koko Johnson and all that was left was the seven-pin. He never saw it fall

April 15, 1968 | Edwin Shrake
When Joyce Dodson asked the U.S. Olympic Committee if she could be its Texas fund raiser, the USOC said sure, though it really did not expect startling results—and certainly not what it got

April 15, 1968 | William Leggett
The best thing we did during the winter was strengthen ourselves through the middle.... Now we have the best bench we ever had, and that's going to come in mighty handy, because we seem to get...

April 15, 1968
From the start, when Brooks and Frank Robinson (right) of the world champion Orioles slammed out four homers between them in the first two games, 1967 was to be one of those vintage years, the...

April 15, 1968 | Garry Valk
Our annual Baseball Issue package, which begins on page 50 with William Leggett's appraisal of the season ahead, includes a detailed analysis of each of the 20 major league teams, presents two...

April 15, 1968
The Cardinals may be an even better ball club than they were in 1967, but the chances that they will run off and hide from the rest of the National League once again are not nearly so good. The...

April 15, 1968
Mysterious things always seem to befall world champion teams that represent the National League. Certainly one of the least publicized facts in professional sports is the one that shows that not...

April 15, 1968
Following the most exciting race in its history, the American League now has people believing in it again. For too many years it was moribund because of the excellence of the New York Yankees and...

April 15, 1968 | Sal Maglie
His appearance was sinister, his brushback pitch more than a warning. Sal Maglie knew his craft as few pitchers ever have. Here he begins his bittersweet memories of a career that spanned outlaw...

April 15, 1968 | Sal Maglie
Maglie tells of the Mexico caper, outlaw ball and the glorious Giant-Dodger days.

April 15, 1968 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The Olympic Trials were chiefly distinguished by the absence of 20 of our best college players

April 15, 1968 | Alfred Wright
If this week's Masters produces no winner after 72 holes, sport's most anticlimactic event will occur on Monday—the 18-hole playoff. A change to sudden death on Sunday would make a more exciting show

April 15, 1968 | Robert H. Boyle
Books about the sea are like waves along a beach; they keep rolling in. As every good surfer knows, not every wave is worth riding, but in the past few months at least four books about the sea and...