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April 22, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 16

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Roberto De Vicenzo Cover - Sports Illustrated April 22, 1968

April 22, 1968 | Alfred Wright

April 22, 1968 | Pete Axthelm
As Stanley Cup hockey heated up, the best war was between New York's Rangers, who had a plan, and the Second City's Black Hawks, who behaved like doves for a time but then got pretty mean

April 22, 1968
To hear oldtimers tell it, prizefighting's folk heroes, past masters like Jack Johnson and John L. Sullivan, could have whipped the best of the modern crop in a single night. Thanks to a group of...

April 22, 1968 | Myron Cope

April 22, 1968
On, brave Army! On, Navy and Air Force, too. All three service academies can have big-time football, writes John Underwood, as long as they hire men like Army's Tom Cahill.

April 22, 1968
Rich green against the haze of nearby hills, this handsome sweep of Tennessee land outside Nashville is the scene of the Iroquois Steeplechase, high point of the spring social season and climax of...

April 22, 1968 | Alice Higgins
Perhaps no sport is ever quite so inundated in elegant and seemingly endless tides of parties as that picturesque old competition, hunt racing. And when the race happens to be Nashville's Iroquois...

April 22, 1968 | Garry Valk
Under normal circumstances, photographs taken in color for use in any issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED must be developed in our New York photo lab sometime before Sunday afternoon. But when a major...

April 22, 1968 | Sal Maglie

April 22, 1968
Among the 15 persons newly elected to the International Swimming Hall of Fame is one Benjamin Franklin—the Benjamin Franklin, who was being honored as a swimmer, a swimming teacher and our first...

April 22, 1968 | Charles Goren
You won't find his name in the reports of the World Championships, but you've got to call Eugene Schwartz of Mercer Island, Wash. an international bridge player. In any week you are likely to find...

April 22, 1968 | Mark Mulvoy
That is the rookie's name, and Philadelphia, off on a new Whiz Kid kick, expects to collect rich interest on him and Outfielder Larry Hisle

April 22, 1968 | Tom C. Brody
Pros who were unable to qualify for Augusta kept their games in tune in an off-Broadway version

April 22, 1968 | Graham Hill
Graham Hill, Lotus teammate of Clark's and former world champion, writes of Jimmy's last race and his qualities as a driver and a man

April 22, 1968 | Whitney Tower
Verbatim's victory in the Gotham was no guide to Derby prophecy

April 22, 1968 | William Johnson

April 22, 1968
Karen Thomas, 4, of Aberavon, South Wales, became the youngest holder of a bronze medal for survival swimming in England when, among other tests, she swam 50 yards wearing pajamas, then undressed...

April 22, 1968
4—Barry Elvove14, 15—Marvin E. Newman (3), Tony Triolo (3), Neil Leifer (2)16—Tony Triolo19—Tony Triolo20—Lee Balterman22-25—TURN OF THE CENTURY FIGHTS INC., produced by Bill Cayton, directed by...

April 22, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: PHILADELPHIA won three games in a row to take a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven games Eastern Division finals. The 76ers, with Wally Jones popping in 24 points, beat the Celtics...

April 22, 1968 | Peter Carry

April 22, 1968 | Peter Carry
It was a strange turnabout from baseball's earlier pattern of contributions toward racial equality. A team from Philadelphia had to convince the Dodgers to postpone their opener out of respect for...

April 22, 1968
OFFENSE AND DEFENSESirs:I feel that you have dealt too harshly with the Boston Bruins in your editorial "Indefensible: I" (SCORECARD, April 1). I suspect that by his remark, "I don't think calling...

April 22, 1968

April 22, 1968
•Pepper Rodgers, Kansas football coach, asked if, in view of the success he had last season using trackmen as receivers, he would like Jim Ryun on his squad: "We could use him on...

April 22, 1968 | Stan Fischler