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April 29, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 17

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Elgin Baylor Cover - Sports Illustrated April 29, 1968

April 29, 1968

April 29, 1968
•Frank Kostro, Minnesota Twins utility man: "So far I've played right, left and first base and I'm Polish. Does that make me a utility pole?"

April 29, 1968 | Mark Mulvoy

April 29, 1968 | Frank Deford

April 29, 1968 | Tex Maule
The Russians were happy and the Africans were overjoyed when Avery Brundage and the board of the International Olympic Committee decided they would rather not ask South Africa to Mexico City after all

April 29, 1968
The world champion, according to the WBA, will be the winner of the Jerry Quarry-Jimmy Ellis heavyweight fight. Mark Kram reports and assesses the victor's title claim.

April 29, 1968 | John Underwood

April 29, 1968 | Garry Valk
Kim Chapin has been promoted from writer-reporter to staff writer, and this seems as good a time as any to advise you that fan mail is to be sent to Mr. Kim Chapin. A handsome young man, Kim has...

April 29, 1968 | Kim Chapin

April 29, 1968
The National Art Museum of Sport in the new Madison Square Garden has just opened, to the welcoming cries of practically nobody, and perhaps the loudest and least welcoming cry was that of New...

April 29, 1968 | Hugh Whall
Ask any icebound sailor in mid-February what he considers the best imaginable spring tonic, and 10 to 1 he'll tell you Bermuda International Race Week. This May Day dose of seaborne vitamin D, the...

April 29, 1968 | Whitney Tower
Stepping up in public esteem, Dancer's Image won the Wood the way a classics-bred colt should

April 29, 1968 | Gary Ronberg
The first thing you notice about Willie Ludick are the eyes. They are big and soft and brown, and they are buried deep between high cheekbones and dark, heavy brows. Willie's eyes had never been...

April 29, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
Don January's stomach failed him In Las Vegas, but his victory in the Tournament of Champions and a $30,000 check were a perfect tonic

April 29, 1968 | Robert H. Boyle

April 29, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON, after eliminating Philadelphia 4-3 by sweeping the last three games of the Eastern finals, came from behind to beat Los Angeles 107-101 in the first game of the...

April 29, 1968
Kevin Erlandson, 14, of Sacramento, scored 1,070 points out of a possible 1,080 to set a national record in winning the California State Junior Olympic Indoor-Archery Championship in Woodland. The...

April 29, 1968
4—Lee Balterman19—Camera 520, 21—Upper, Richard Raphael (3), lower, James Drake (2)22—Upper, James Drake, lower, Camera 5 (3)28, 29—Gerry Cranham30, 31—Richard Meek, upper right, Carl...

April 29, 1968 | Peter Carry

April 29, 1968 | Peter Carry
Opening Day couldn't have been more auspicious; second and succeeding days couldn't have been more suspicious. Wednesday at the new Oakland Coliseum, 50,164 spectators were present to greet the...

April 29, 1968
THE CEREMONY AND THE RULESirs:I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Dan Jenkins' article Where Ceremony Rules (April 8). His inside picture of the Masters was delightful, and I felt I was...

April 29, 1968 | Hugh D. Whall
Stealing a line from the arch and glamorous ladies on television who announce, "If I can sew, you can sew," Mary Blewitt begins her book on navigation with the statement, "I do not understand...

April 29, 1968 | Marvin Lorber
The movies were right about those trick questions in the POW camps, but they weren't always right about the answers