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May 06, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 18

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Ron Swoboda Cover - Sports Illustrated May 06, 1968

May 06, 1968 | Mark Kram
Jimmy Ellis, his days as Muhammad Ali's sparring partner far behind him, crashed home an effective right hand to win the WBA version of the heavyweight championship and, finally, a chance at...

May 06, 1968 | C. M. Jones
The tournament at Bournemouth, England that brought together pros and amateurs became more than an experiment when young Mark Cox upset Pancho Gonzalez and Roy Emerson in successive matches

May 06, 1968 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Carol Mann is currently the best player on the women's pro tour, which grows richer despite 'shoot-downs' by the PGA

May 06, 1968 | Whitney Tower
After months of false hopes, inconclusive races, do-nothings and dropouts, the Kentucky Derby now has a horse at whom everyone can take aim. If he wins, there will be familiar colors in the...

May 06, 1968
Early in May millions of Americans who skip casually over the racing news for 51 weeks suddenly become Thoroughbred experts, tossing about racetrack patois like Kentucky hard-boots. Caught up in...

May 06, 1968
The Derby Report by Whitney Tower and a corps of photographers encompasses the color surrounding the classic and a close look at the action at every significant point.

May 06, 1968 | William Leggett

May 06, 1968 | Garry Valk
There comes a time for every specialist in journalism when he wants to try his hand at something else in the trade. So it was that Hugh Whall, our ebullient boating writer, left his pier at SPORTS...

May 06, 1968 | Hugh Whall

May 06, 1968
Frank Gifford, former Giant halfback, pitched his CBS soft-ball team to a 12-2 victory over the Associated Press in New York's Central Park recently. It was the opening game of the Broadway Show...

May 06, 1968 | Joe Jares
The invasion of top class horses from New Zealand and Australia continues as three competitors new to Americans dominate the first of an international series, frustrating still another Anzac in...

May 06, 1968 | Maboth Moseley
In the year 1933 a little chestnut horse named Hyperion, ridden by Tommy Weston and carrying the colors of the 17th Earl of Derby, won the race at Epsom that bears the name of that peer's ancestor...

May 06, 1968 | Jack Nicklaus
Slow play on the golf course is a problem, not only for the twice-a-week golfer but also for the players on the pro tour. I am not known as a fast player and, like every other golfer, I become...

May 06, 1968 | Johnathan Rodgers
Villanova's super sophomore, Larry James, turned in the fastest 440 ever run as he anchored his team to its fifth title at the Penn Relays

May 06, 1968 | Dick Miles

May 06, 1968

May 06, 1968
•John Kerr, head coach of the new Phoenix team in the NBA, explaining why he declined the Chicago Bulls' offer to move into the front office: "I've seen enough guys who were kicked upstairs and...

May 06, 1968 | Peter Carry

May 06, 1968 | Peter Carry
It was Valentine's Day all over again for Oriole Right-hander Tom Phoebus when he defeated the Red Sox 6-0 at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium Saturday. Phoebus' April Valentine—Umpire Bill, that...

May 06, 1968
BASKETBALL—ABA: NEW ORLEANS beat Pittsburgh twice in three games to take a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven final playoff. The Buccaneers won the third game 109-101 as Red Robbins scored 30 points,...

May 06, 1968
Vic Ambrose, a 5'9" freshman from New York City who plays second base on the University of Albuquerque varsity baseball team, set an NCAA record for stolen bases with 49. At the same time,...

May 06, 1968
4—Joseph Consentino17—Herb Scharfman18—upper, Herb Scharfman, Iower, Sheedy & Long21—Gerry Cranham22, 23—Bill Mahan (Leviton-Atlanta)25—Jerry Cooke55—George Camal, Del Rota56—Wil...

May 06, 1968
LAST CHANCESirs:As a result of your article on the Red River Gorge (Operation Build and Destroy, April 1), my wife and I went to Kentucky for four days to visit the site and its area. We also...

May 06, 1968 | Dolly Connelly
Tongass National Forest, covering 16 million acres in southeastern Alaska, is by far the largest forest in the nation, a vast outdoor arena for solitude, fishing, hiking, boating, wildlife...

May 06, 1968 | Bill MacKay
Long before the Twins and the Vikings came to town, they were playing ball in Minnesota, and they were playing for keeps. They called it ball, but it was more like intertribal warfare