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May 13, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 19

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 13, 1968

May 13, 1968

May 13, 1968
•Jim Bouton, Yankee pitcher, on the dull Ellis-Quarry fight: "The way I'm pitching, I can't comment."

May 13, 1968 | Whitney Tower

May 13, 1968 | Whitney Tower
Long the most popular event on the racing calendar, the Derby is not considered the most significant by expert horsemen. Many say the Belmont Stakes, for example, is a truer test of classic...

May 13, 1968
A war for survival is Dick Tiger's description of his native Biafra's fight for independence. Tiger's defense of his title against Bob Foster will be the same kind of battle.

May 13, 1968 | Frank Deford

May 13, 1968
Over the centuries the rugged and beautiful island of Sardinia has been inhabited by Phoenicians, Romans, Saracens, Spaniards and bandits. Now a carefree new wave of invaders is coming from the...

May 13, 1968 | Garry Valk
Adman Lee Wilson, whose refreshing treatise A Fast Pitch for a Faster Game appears in this issue, is the sporting world's answer to industry's efficiency experts. Give him a pitcher of martinis...

May 13, 1968 | Pamela Knight
It began in a small way. "All I wanted," said Prince Karim, "was a little piece of land in a nice place away from the usual crowded resorts." He found it five years ago on the northeast coast of...

May 13, 1968 | Bob Ottum

May 13, 1968 | Coles Phinizy

May 13, 1968 | Lee Wilson
Three-set baseball? You bet. If it doesn't speed the game up, it will pay for the drinks

May 13, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
At the Champions Golf Club in Houston last week the touring pros got a look at the problems they will have to face in the 1969 U.S. Open

May 13, 1968 | Pete Waldmeir
Surviving 14 desperate games in the preliminaries, St. Louis' poor little expansion team drew the fearsome Canadiens in the Stanley Cup final—and for openers bashed and skated them into a...

May 13, 1968 | Joe Jares
Or at least they should. The sportswriters employed to decide hits and errors are an embattled lot. The players claim they are never right

May 13, 1968 | Jack Olsen

May 13, 1968 | Peter Carry

May 13, 1968 | Peter Carry
When he first joined the Yanks in 1964 many New Yorkers thought that Roger Repoz would be the next in the splendid line of Yankee heroes—Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Repoz. He was a strong,...

May 13, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON won its 10th league championship in 12 years, beating Los Angeles four games to two (page 34).

May 13, 1968
Doug McCann, 9, of Santa Monica, Calif., won his division of the AJJF Southern California Judo Championships. Of his last match, over a boy 40 pounds heavier. Doug said, "It was by far my toughest...

May 13, 1968
4—Pete Waldmeir28, 29—Neil Leifer, upper left, Jerry Cooke30—James Drake43—map by Dan Todd44, 45—James Drake63, 64—Don Uhrbrock68—Arthur Shay83, 86—Curt Gunther95—AP96—Johnny Flynn—Dallas Morning...

May 13, 1968
WEST POINT WINNERSirs:John Underwood deserves to be commended for his story On, Brave Old Army Team (April 29). This is the first article I have read that not only dealt with Tom Cahill as a...

May 13, 1968 | Leo Levine
In January of 1914, as Archduke Franz Ferdinand was making plans in Austria to meet his wife in Sarajevo, another man was making plans in a French village called Givors. An employee of the company...