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May 20, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 20

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Dancers Image Cover - Sports Illustrated May 20, 1968

May 20, 1968

May 20, 1968
•Jack Nicklaus on why he has turned down an invitation to this week's Colonial National tournament: "Colonial is not my kind of course. I have to lay up too often."

May 20, 1968 | Whitney Tower

May 20, 1968 | Bob Ottum
The provocative new STP-Lotuses displayed notable speed as the 500 practice pace quickened at the Speedway, but then in days of agony a turbine driver died, one turbine team quit and the Lotuses...

May 20, 1968 | Alfred Wright

May 20, 1968
Brash and Bumptious, the Cincinnati Reds' hustling Pete Rose is a throwback to the oldtime ballplayer. William Leggett, after a week with Rose, tells what makes Pete run.

May 20, 1968 | Garry Valk
On June 1 Golf Writer Alfred Wright (page 28) will be leaving SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's New York office to take on a new assignment for us in Los Angeles. It's a return-of-the-native thing, because Al...

May 20, 1968 | Robert Boyle

May 20, 1968 | John McCormick

May 20, 1968 | Anita Verschoth
The small red-brick building at 3561 Farquhar Avenue in Los Alamitos on the southern outskirts of Los Angeles bears the inscription "Greta Andersen Swim and Health Club," but it is much more than...

May 20, 1968
Actor Robert Redford, in Aspen to survey possible locations for the ski movie he is producing, ran across Billy Kidd, whom he had last seen crashing down the slopes at Grenoble. Maybe it is the...

May 20, 1968 | Joe Jares
Fifteen ostensibly genteel sportsmen, who comprise the most feared Rugby club in the East, fought their bloody way to victory in Virginia

May 20, 1968 | Charles Goren
What a way to win six ungrateful friends and two undying enemies," said Margaret Wagar, the new non-playing captain of the United States Women's Team for the upcoming World Bridge Olympiad. She...

May 20, 1968 | Joe Jares
Villanova's impressive sophomore quarter-miler, Larry James, was caught and beaten at the West Coast Relays by powerful Lee Evans of San Jose

May 20, 1968 | Jack Nicklaus
There is a right way—and a wrong way—to address the ball, whether you are set to hit a driver, a four-iron or a pitching wedge. As these illustrations demonstrate, the shaft of the club always...

May 20, 1968 | Pete Waldmeir
As Montreal clinched the Stanley Cup final over the amazingly stubborn St. Louis Blues, Coach Toe Blake wistfully announced his retirement (again), and Goalie Lorne (Gump) Worsley exercised a...

May 20, 1968 | Clive Gammon

May 20, 1968 | Peter Carry

May 20, 1968 | Peter Carry
As almost all boys do, James Augustus Hunter one day ran away from home. Predictably, he did not stay away from Hertford, N.C. long, and when he returned he had in hand a string of catfish. Ever...

May 20, 1968
BASKETBALL—Three players from each established club were picked in the expansion draft by Phoenix and Milwaukee, the two new NBA teams. To PHOENIX went Dick Van Arsdale, Neil Johnson and Emmette...

May 20, 1968
Gary Johnson, who pitches for the All-Indian Cherokee (N.C.) High School, struck out 22 batters in a seven-inning game as his team edged Robbinsville 4-3. Robbinsville's runs came on two dropped...

May 20, 1968
4—Sheedy & Long27—Leroy Patton-Indianapolis News28, 29—courtesy United States Golf Association (2), center, Eric Schweikardt40, 42—Herb Scharfman41—Time map by J. Donovan62—Marvin E. Newman,...

May 20, 1968
DREAM AND REALITYSirs:Your article on the new Mets (Lights in the Met Cellar, May 6) was both humorous and encouraging. Last September I came to Boston University and witnessed the miracle of the...

May 20, 1968 | Robert Cantwell
There isn't much news about nature in The Ray Harm Nature Sketchbook (World Publishing Co., Cleveland and New York, $7.95). Even if they don't know it already, readers probably will manage to keep...

May 20, 1968 | Hugh Whall
Remodeled to serve as a charter boat for Caribbean cruising and carousing, the ketch 'Ticonderoga' was built as a family day sailer but turned out to be the best ocean racer of her time