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May 27, 1968 | Volume 28, Issue 21

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Pete Rose Cover - Sports Illustrated May 27, 1968

May 27, 1968 | Whitney Tower

May 27, 1968 | Edwin Shrake
Unless NFL club owners can agree with players' group on their demands for increased benefits, there may be an expensive strike

May 27, 1968 | Bob Ottum

May 27, 1968
Modes in drivers are changing as fast at the Speedway as fashions in cars. It has been only a few years since A.J. Foyt (opposite) epitomized the Indy hero: the rough-tough American. Now that the...

May 27, 1968
Boomerang trades are the bane of baseball. This year, the come-back-to-haunt-yous are especially rife. William Leggett looks into the very best and very worst of them.

May 27, 1968 | William Leggett

May 27, 1968 | Garry Valk
"It was my 20th Derby," Senior Editor Whitney Tower observed last week, "and at the time it was the smoothest I'd ever covered." Tower's 20th and Churchill Downs' 94th Kentucky Derby, seemingly...

May 27, 1968 | Dan Jenkins

May 27, 1968 | Jeannette Bruce
By now almost everyone must know that black belts (like belts of other colors) are important status symbols in the practice of karate, judo, aikido and the rest of the Japanese martial arts. What...

May 27, 1968
Looking rather like an elderly Tiny Tim, Conductor Leopold Stokowski, 86, threw out the first ball to begin a softball game between his American Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic,...

May 27, 1968 | Gary Ronberg
When two testy archrivals, Johns Hopkins and Maryland, brawl for the national lacrosse championship strategy fails, offense prevails and one of the best games in years brings the title home to...

May 27, 1968 | Hugh Whall
The Coast Guard Is trying to sell two handsome wooden boats it badly needs in order to purchase a fiber-glass pair it can afford to maintain

May 27, 1968

May 27, 1968
•Sonny Liston, declaring that if he had to do it over again he would never be a boxer: "I'd like being a doctor or a lawyer. The doctor and the lawyer still get paid, no matter what. A doctor can...

May 27, 1968 | Myron Cope

May 27, 1968 | Peter Carry

May 27, 1968 | Peter Carry
With the combined average for American League hitters down to .223, it was no wonder they were all bug-eyed last week at the feats of the Senators' Frank Howard. The 6'7", 260-pound Howard had 10...

May 27, 1968
EQUESTRIAN—Four riders were chosen for the U.S. Olympic Prix des Nations jumping squad: BILL STEINKRAUS of Noroton, Conn., who has been on four previous Olympic squads; FRANK CHAPOT of Wallpack,...

May 27, 1968
Mark Waterbury, 8, of St. Petersburg, Fla., ran two exhibition miles at college track meets in 6:22.4 and 6:35.0. The 4'2", 43-pounder runs four miles every morning, sometimes with one of his four...

May 27, 1968
18—Bud Kamenish19-21—Jerry Cooke22, 23—Roy DeCarava24, 25—Tony Triolo29—right, Eric Schweikardt32-34—Herb Scharfman42—Don Uhrbrock56—AP, Lee Balterman59—Walter Iooss Jr.68—John...

May 27, 1968
TEST CASESirs:Where is there any justice in disqualifying Dancer's Image on the basis of a urine test only to award the Derby to a horse that did not take a similar test (It Was a Bitter Pill, May...