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July 29, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 5

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Denny McLain Cover - Sports Illustrated July 29, 1968

July 29, 1968 | Dan Jenkins

July 29, 1968
There were ex-Olympians, and there were men who took up running to keep their weight down, and they were in San Diego's Balboa Stadium last weekend 190 strong—more or less—to compete in the First...

July 29, 1968 | Jack Olsen

July 29, 1968
The wonder horse of trotting and Hambletonian favorite is seemingly unbeatable Nevele Pride. Pat Putnam reports from trackside and the Catskill aerie of his owners.

July 29, 1968 | Duncan Barnes
The crazy days begin sometime in early September, when great schools of mullet, on their annual spawning run down Florida's southeast coast, pour into the Palm Beach inlet. There, along the jetty,...

July 29, 1968 | Mark Mulvoy

July 29, 1968 | Billy Reed
That's Dr. Fager, whose suicidal tendency to follow the hot pace of a decoy has now contributed to two defeats by his cooler rival, Damascus

July 29, 1968 | Ruth Lieder
An Australian company, Speedo Knitting Mills in Sydney, produces the competition swimsuits that will be worn at the Olympic Games in Mexico City this fall by teams of 18 different countries,...

July 29, 1968 | Tex Maule

July 29, 1968 | Garry Valk
An unfunny thing happened to Billy Reed on his way to SI: he got sucker-punched by Dr. Alexander Harthill, the veterinarian who treated Dancer's Image before the Derby. At the time, Reed was a...

July 29, 1968
BICYCLING—After 25 days and 2,937.5 miles, the Tour de France was over and JAN JANSSEN of The Netherlands was the winner by a scant 38 seconds over Belgium's Herman Van Springel. Janssen's overall...

July 29, 1968
6—John D. Hanlon43—Sheedy & Long44—Tony Tomsic45—Sheedy & Long46—Ken Regan-Camera 548—David Moore-Black Star60—AP (2), Richard Divald61—AP

July 29, 1968
Kevin Knox, 8, of Wasco, Calif., who runs an average of four and a half miles daily, has run a 5:34.8 mile and an 18:33.2 for three miles. Recently he set a Junior Olympic mark for boys 9 and...

July 29, 1968 | Dick Russell

July 29, 1968 | Dick Russell
Sometime soon, maybe before he celebrates his 45th birthday this Friday, Hoyt Wilhelm will hop a White Sox bullpen cart and disembark exactly 60'6" from home plate for the 907th time in his...

July 29, 1968
Sirs:Having been the student body president of the University of Texas at El Paso (1967-68), I can truthfully say that the facts in Part 3 of accurately reflect the situation on the campus. I am...

July 29, 1968 | Dolly Connelly
You can get a pretty good notion of the Grand Canyon from the air and, because of this, at least one airline operating in the vicinity—Air West—routes many of its flights to get the best possible...

July 29, 1968

July 29, 1968
•Sam Gordon, wealthy Sacramento restaurateur, after saying he'd willingly lose money to get a Pacific Coast League baseball franchise for his city: "I can afford $100,000 a year for 25 years, but...