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August 12, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 7

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Paul Brown Cover - Sports Illustrated August 12, 1968

August 12, 1968 | Frank Deford

August 12, 1968 | Richard Rollins

August 12, 1968 | Kim Chapin
Lee Roy Yarbrough is 'real mean out on the track,' hard-nosed and a self-styled ex-delinquent, but he proved in the Dixie 500 that a bog-hole driver from Florida can beat the red-clay boys at...

August 12, 1968 | Tex Maule

August 12, 1968
Curt flood of the St. Louis Cardinals is the best hitter on a team so good that on the rare occasion when a player makes a mistake it is cause for a clubhouse party game.

August 12, 1968 | Duncan Barnes

August 12, 1968 | Ruth Lieder
The leather garments worn here and on the next pages by test drivers from Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee plant are as far removed from the board-stiff men's leathers of the past as these 1969 bikes...

August 12, 1968 | Ron Mix

August 12, 1968
His credentials include canoe trips down raging rivers and a camelback jaunt over the Gobi Desert, and now Canada's swinging Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau has added another paper to his...

August 12, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
It took a long time for the College All-Stars to realize they could even survive on a field with fabled Green Bay, and by the time they discovered that the pro champs were nearly mortal, the ball...

August 12, 1968 | Charles Goren
If the ladies who played for the U.S. in the World Bridge Olympiad women's event in Deauville had been playing in a pair championship, the odds would have been mighty short that one of the three...

August 12, 1968 | Alice Higgins
A horse show in Southern California should look like a Hollywood spectacular, and the nine-day Santa Barbara show, which ended recently, is held in what must be the most gorgeous and colorful...

August 12, 1968 | Joan Gould

August 12, 1968 | Garry Valk
About five years ago the San Diego Chargers' Ron Mix tackled a typewriter for the first time for this magazine and turned out a delightful piece he called I Swore I Would Quit Football (SI, Sept....

August 12, 1968 | Dick Russell

August 12, 1968 | Dick Russell
Haul out the Little Red Book of baseball records, gentlemen, a new entry is in order: "Most unassisted triple plays and grand-slam home-runs by right-handed shortstops who are also traded in the...

August 12, 1968
BOATING—Two first-place finishes, two seconds and an eighth enabled O. J. YOUNG of the New Orleans Yacht Club to earn the North American Dragon Class Sailing Championship on Galveston Bay...

August 12, 1968
14—Eric Schweikardt17—Arthur Schatz—FORTUNE, Paul Gélinas—TIME, McNally courtesy Montreal Star, Eric Schweikardt22, 23—Eric Schweikardt25—Tony Tomsic26—Tony Tomsic, Herb Scharfman29—Eric...

August 12, 1968
Rebecca Seitlin, a 13-year-old member of the Miami Springs Recreation Swimming Association team, set three association age-group records at a Cypress Gardens meet. She bettered the senior women's...

August 12, 1968
GOOD OLD MENSirs:Your fine four-page photo story of the first U.S. Masters Track and Field Championships (A Masterful Meeting of Two-score Men, July 29) was an outstanding recognition of the city...

August 12, 1968

August 12, 1968
•Anna Losasso, Hofstra University art student who has been sketching Joe Namath at Jet practices: "Watching him is like watching Rudolph Valentino doing a tango. His body represents the curved...