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September 23, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 13

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Al Kaline Cover - Sports Illustrated September 23, 1968

September 23, 1968

September 23, 1968
•Dr. Harry Philpott, president of Auburn University and former vice-president of the University of Florida, on the high preseason rating given Florida's football team: "Really, all that Gator fans...

September 23, 1968 | Dan Jenkins

September 23, 1968 | John Underwood

September 23, 1968 | Alfred Wright

September 23, 1968 | Mark Kram
Nobody really won—Jimmy Ellis lost ground in his fight for public acceptance, Floyd Patterson saw a fine effort wasted, the Swedes were melancholy about it all and the draft dodgers Just kept smoking

September 23, 1968 | Jack Olsen

September 23, 1968
The problem Olympics of 1968 are examined in a preview that includes color photographs of both U.S. and foreign athletes and a report on Kenya's troubled runners.

September 23, 1968 | Garry Valk
If Robert Cantwell were nothing more than a gifted writer, his article on the 35-year-old Bobby Jones golf movies (page 76) would never have been written. For this story Cantwell also needed the...

September 23, 1968
"I have," says Illustrator Arnold Roth, "a son who digs drag racing." Which explains, as well as anything, how Daddy happened to go to the drag strips. He soon discovered, as only Roth does, his...

September 23, 1968 | Whitney Tower
By winning the U.N. Handicap after setting the mile record, Dr. Fager went a long way toward justifying the claims of his exuberant trainer

September 23, 1968 | Edwin Shrake

September 23, 1968 | Robert Cantwell

September 23, 1968
BOATING—ROBERT JAMES of Bena, Va., with his brother Dave crewing, won the Flying Dutchman class Olympic sailing trials at San Diego with a 3-1-7-4-6-3-1-DNF record for the eight-race series

September 23, 1968
27—Tony Triolo28, 29—Sheedy & Long70—Eric Schweikardt72, 74—James Drake76-85—courtesy Warner Bros-Seven Arts91—Charles H. Cooper-Herald Sun, Vic Richards, Clinton Recorder, Hal Bodley-News...

September 23, 1968
John Lucas Jr., 14, son of a Durham, N.C. high school principal, won seven events in the Durham City-County Tennis Tournament, including the men's singles and a share of the doubles. The 15-13...

September 23, 1968 | Peter Carry

September 23, 1968 | Peter Carry
At the start of each of his three seasons as Cub manager, Leo Durocher has tried to replace Ernie Banks at first base. "I've retired him three years in a row," says Leo, "but I guess he just gets...

September 23, 1968
TO BE, OR NOT TO BE...Sirs:No! No! No! No! No! Pick Notre Dame, pick USC, pick UCLA, pick the Cincinnati Bengals, for Pete's sake. What have we Boilers ever done to deserve this assured plethora...