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October 07, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 15

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Lou Brock Cover - Sports Illustrated October 07, 1968

October 07, 1968 | Peter Carry
NATIONAL LEAGUEWith Bob Gibson setting a record for ERA at 1.12 and pitching 13 shutouts, ST. LOUIS (3-2) easily swept to its second consecutive pennant, SAN FRANCISCO (3-2) has a streak going,...

October 07, 1968
BASKETBALL—The U.S. Olympic team, well prepared by Oklahoma State's Henry Iba, upset the New York Knickerbockers 65-64 at Madison Square Garden in the first of three games with pro teams. The...

October 07, 1968
24, 25—James Drake26-29—Walter Iooss Jr.31—Herb Scharfman33—Eric Schweikardt36—Roy DeCarava60—Tony Triolo68—Gerry Cranham74, 75—Cark Iwasaki77—Brian Seed80—UPI82-91—Herb Scharfman104—Mike...

October 07, 1968
Maryetta Boitano, 5, of San Francisco, youngest of a running clan, finished 441st in a field of more than 900 entered in the Dipsea Run, a 6.8-mile race near the California coast. Maryetta, who...

October 07, 1968
IVY CHAINSirs:Jack Olsen's story on Bill van Breda Kolff was most interesting (Hedonist Prophet of the Spartan Game, Sept. 23). However, Olsen writes: "Van Breda Kolff became the first Ivy coach...

October 07, 1968

October 07, 1968
•Randy Matson, shotputter, conceding that a world record is possible in his event at Mexico City: "I've heard the shot travels one-sixteenth of an inch farther at 7,300 feet than at sea level."

October 07, 1968 | Dan Jenkins

October 07, 1968
The last oldtime series pitches Gibson against McLain, speed and finesse against late-inning power. In words and color, the drama of a St. Louis-Detroit High Noon.

October 07, 1968 | Whitney Tower
The Woodward was supposed to settle a few scores among those who might enter, but when a 10-to-1 shot beat Damascus it made Doc champion of the handicap division and probably Horse of the Year

October 07, 1968 | Tex Maule
For the first time this year, Coach Jim Dooley saw his Bears get tough as the team stopped Joe Kapp and the surprising Vikings

October 07, 1968
The American theater rarely presents a sports personality as the central figure of a serious drama, but it has now done so with "The Great White Hope" by Howard Sackler, which opened on Broadway...

October 07, 1968 | William Leggett

October 07, 1968 | Pat Putnam
So said Grambling Coach Eddie Robinson after his gamble gave the win to Morgan State. But 64,000 fans, who paid $200,000 to an urban charity, showed they supported the principle

October 07, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

October 07, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Leroy Keyes was his usual superb self in Purdue's 37-22 win over Notre Dame, completing a 17-yard pass for a touchdown, scoring on runs of 16 and 18 yards, running for 90 yards and...

October 07, 1968 | Gwilym S. Brown
At rain-spattered Le Mans a Ford GT40 with an English accent (above, moving into the turn past the pits) took the lead after four hours and rolled to victory as supposedly unbreakable German...

October 07, 1968 | Gilbert Rogin
George Foreman, the heavyweight poet, has a golden opportunity in the Olympics if, as Coach Pappy Gault warns, he obeys the rules

October 07, 1968 | Pat Ryan
So says the Ladies' Golf Union of Great Britain, a straitlaced organization founded in 1893 to advance women's rights on and around the course

October 07, 1968 | Myron Cope

October 07, 1968 | Robert H. Boyle
When Colonel Henry A. Siegel (ret.) got out of the Army in 1955, he "fooled around" with sales work for a number of years, but his happiest times were spent fishing for trout and salmon and...

October 07, 1968 | John Hanlon
Brown's coach hadn't planned it that way, but once his starting team got rolling it seemed silly to bother with substitutes