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October 21, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 17

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated October 21, 1968

October 21, 1968 | William Johnson
The race toward No. 1 gets an exciting new entry when the high-scoring Kansas Jayhawks, their peppery coach and their dashing quarterback all come through in the clutch to beat Nebraska's Cornhuskers

October 21, 1968 | Bob Ottum
As the XIX Olympics began, America's best hope in the 1,500 meters found himself so besieged that he had to leave the Olympic Village and train on quieter public highways to get ready for his...

October 21, 1968 | Mark Mulvoy
It was supposed to be between McLain and Gibson, but the 1968 World Series turned into a confrontation between the heavy hitters of Detroit and the swift runners of St. Louis. Mickey Lolich helped...

October 21, 1968 | Edwin Shrake
When Johnny Unitas hurt his golden arm, it was the Baltimore Colts who winced, but backup man Earl Morrall has the team winning bigger than ever

October 21, 1968 | Frank Deford

October 21, 1968

October 21, 1968
An Olympian treat from Mexico. In color, with words by John Underwood, the grandeur and excitement of the Games as 7,886 of the world's best athletes go after the gold.

October 21, 1968
With Wilt Chamberlain and some new backcourt men, Los Angeles should win every game

October 21, 1968
After its first year's struggles the league has moved to firmer and maybe even profitable ground

October 21, 1968 | George Plimpton

October 21, 1968 | George Plimpton
A touring pro may think golf is a one-man game, but that only means he has not asked his caddie, who will eagerly offer up firm opinions on this and other matters of moment.

October 21, 1968 | Garry Valk
After a riotous—so to speak—six days of acclimatization, our 12-member Olympic staff in Mexico City finally got down to the business at hand last week. Bob Creamer, the editor in charge, his hair...

October 21, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
Those were the instructions on the Ohio State blackboard, and the Buckeyes followed them perfectly as they locked up Leroy Keyes, held shocked Purdue scoreless and avenged Woody Hayes

October 21, 1968 | Herm Weiskopf

October 21, 1968 | Herm Weiskopf
THE BACK: Senior Halfback Ron Johnson led Michigan to a 28-14 upset of Michigan State, scoring on a 38-yard run with the game barely two minutes old and picking up a total of 152 yards overall in...

October 21, 1968
In view of Actor Peter O'Toole's cheerful expression it might almost have been Elizabeth rather than Richard Burton twitting him at Longchamp about his mustache. The Burtons attended the recent...

October 21, 1968 | Kim Chapin
Protests flew as Ronnie Bucknum (above) won a new speedway's first race, and famous drivers battled track and officials for title points

October 21, 1968 | Jack Nicklaus
The first part of a sound golf swing is a sound grip with your left hand, since it is with your left hand that you first grasp the club. The position of the left hand should be the same whether...

October 21, 1968 | Charles Goren
Competing for a berth on the North American team in the 1969 World Championship is Sidney Lazard, whose style delights the galleries

October 21, 1968 | Charles Goren

October 21, 1968 | Bil Gilbert

October 21, 1968
BILLIARDS—JOE BALSIS won the U.S. Open billiards championship and with it the $5,000 first prize in Lansing, Mich. Balsis came back from the losers bracket of the double elimination to beat Dan...

October 21, 1968
4—Jerry Cooke17—Rich Clarkson18, 19—Herb Scharfman20, 21—Roy DeCarava22-36—Illustrations by James Flora38, 41—paintings by Gilbert Stone52—Phil Long-UPI60—London Daily Express-Pictorial...

October 21, 1968
Sallie Durbin of Kirkwood, Mo., mother of four and part-time Annie Oakley (she is the women's world 12-gauge skeet-shooting champion), tied the record for the .410-gauge shotgun by breaking 97 of...

October 21, 1968
UP THE IRISH!Sirs:Dan Jenkins' article on the Notre Dame-Purdue game (Leroy on the Loose, Oct. 7) is at best irrelevant and pointless and at worst tasteless and disgusting.

October 21, 1968

October 21, 1968
•Alex Hannum, Oakland Oaks basketball coach, on the American Basketball Association's red, white and blue ball: "The only place a ball like that belongs is on the end of a seal's nose."

October 21, 1968 | Walter Bingham
The World of Professional Golf—1968 Edition (World Publishing Company, $10.95) is, like its predecessor, a remarkable book. It was written—or maybe compiled is the better word—by Mark H....

October 21, 1968 | Robert W. Neubert
A small, skinny-looking man wove to the rear of a dimly lit bar on Manhattan's West Side one night in 1941, positioned himself on a. stool and ordered a shot. Two hours later he was still there,...