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November 18, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 21

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Jean-Claude Killy Cover - Sports Illustrated November 18, 1968

November 18, 1968
Cover—Elliott Erwitt-Magnum4—Martin H. Mills-Black Star20—Walter Iooss Jr., James Drake, Walter Iooss Jr., Charles Trainor21—Roy DeCarava, Jim Donaldson from Leviton-Atlanta, James Drake, John F....

November 18, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: Eastern teams beat Western teams in nine of 14 games. CINCINNATI (8-2) retained its division lead by beating Chicago 110-104 on a 38-point third-quarter spurt. BALTIMORE (10-3)...

November 18, 1968
Joanna Blackman, of Kendall, Fla., a tennis player for only three years, won the junior veterans women's singles in the Cape Coral Invitational tournament. She is ranked No. 10 in the junior...

November 18, 1968
PEAKS AND PITFALLSSirs:I wish to commend you for printing the article A Debt was Paid Off in Tears (Nov. 11) by Dr. Roger Bannister. Like Dr. Bannister and countless others, I was quite irate that...

November 18, 1968

November 18, 1968
•Red Berenson, St. Louis Blues forward, after equaling the scoring record of six goals in a National Hockey League game: "It was like planting trees. Some years you plant 12 and five or six grow,...

November 18, 1968 | Dan Jenkins

November 18, 1968 | Alfred Wright
Last week's Hawaiian Open climaxed the 1968 tour, a year in which the Masters ended in debate, a comedian won the Open, new faces began to supplant old and the PGA and the touring pros went pffft

November 18, 1968 | Tex Maule

November 18, 1968
A wave of injuries in pro football has put substitutes into the spotlight this year. Tex Maule discusses the effect these replacements are having on the NFL and AFL division races.

November 18, 1968 | Alex Hannum

November 18, 1968 | Alex Hannum
Alex Hannum tells of the rough old days, reveals the reasons for some famous trades and scouts the problems of a changing game.

November 18, 1968 | Garry Valk
The last most of us heard of Skier jean-Claude Killy, he was winning everything in sight. He mined Grenoble for a remarkable three gold medals and won two straight World Cups (one with a perfect...

November 18, 1968 | Jean-Claude Killy
The acrobatic, gymnastic maneuvering of Jean-Claude Killy—who drives for a gate at 50 miles an hour, sits back, accelerates by thrusting his feet forward, pushes onto another ski and heads for the...

November 18, 1968
When the Head Ski Company launched a line of ski apparel last year, its designers were put on their mettle to match their metal. The manufacturers of the ski that revolutionized recreational...

November 18, 1968 | William Johnson
Only the gentle rain fell from heaven onto Birmingham as the state's two major teams, Alabama and Auburn, whipped visitors from LSU and Tennessee in a wet day-night doubleheader

November 18, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

November 18, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Against unbeaten Kansas, Tailback Steve Owens of Oklahoma ran 37 times for 157 yards, caught four passes for 42, threw a touchdown pass and scored twice himself. His second touchdown won...

November 18, 1968
Contusions and abrasions were the order of the night on the Tonight show recently when host Johnny Carson came on stage somewhat battered from his tries at eight of the 10 events with decathlon...

November 18, 1968 | Dan Levin

November 18, 1968 | Jack Nicklaus
The wedge can be a great strokesaver. Hit a good shot from, say, 50 yards out, and you're down in one putt. Scuff it into a trap instead, and who knows how long it may take you to hole out? I'm...

November 18, 1968 | Gary Ronberg
Toronto's brawling defenseman Jim Dorey is the new Leaf cop—and, says his coach, vital spirit

November 18, 1968 | Kim Chapin
By beating India this week, the U.S. has qualified to play Australia, which may use youngsters John Alexander (above) and Phillip Dent

November 18, 1968 | Charles Goren
It sounded like Monopoly. The site was Boardwalk at Illinois, and the players frequently found themselves on Atlantic or Pacific Avenue or one of a dozen other of the familiar thoroughfares of...

November 18, 1968 | Charles Goren

November 18, 1968 | Myron Cope

November 18, 1968 | Jeannette Bruce
Every Olympic year produces a spate of books on the Games but, for the most part, such volumes are mainly concerned with the modern era. An exception this year is Olympia, Gods, Artists, and...

November 18, 1968 | Mary Evans
But for a quirk of fate, one of the Declaration's most important signers might have turned into a London swimming teacher