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November 25, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 22

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Earl Morrall Cover - Sports Illustrated November 25, 1968

November 25, 1968 | Mark Mulvoy
Not content with carving up their fellow expansionists, St. Louis' hockeymen have been irreverent in their treatment of the NHL establishment, thanks to a pair of vintage goalies, a smart coach...

November 25, 1968 | Pat Putnam
His coach didn't let him go head-to-head with Chamberlain and Russell on successive nights, but Hayes wowed 'em anyway

November 25, 1968 | Tex Maule
As the toll of injured stars mounts—Unitas, Sayers, Reeves, Lundy—it appears that in some divisions of the NFL and AFL the winner will not necessarily be the best team but the one with the...

November 25, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
The World Cup competition was held last weekend at one of Rome's two courses. A Monacan shot a hole in one and two Chinese led most of the way, until an old Canadian pro showed them how to win

November 25, 1968 | William Johnson
If it takes 60 points to win, then 60 points it is, as a quiet college town and its rousing team revel in the ranks of the undefeated

November 25, 1968 | Alex Hannum
In his 20-year journey up from the likes of Oshkosh, the new coach of the Oakland Oaks has proved he can mold champions. Concluding his story, he gives his formula for success and details his plans

November 25, 1968 | Garry Valk
Are wars won on the playing fields or the battlefields? This question, which has been a matter for lively debate since the days of the Roman centurions, gets a fresh appraisal in Bil Gilbert's...

November 25, 1968 | Duncan Barnes
As the first light of a mysterious dawn shrouds the watery Louisiana Delta country, sleepy hunters disembark from their houseboat headquarters for a morning shoot. The guide is already setting his...

November 25, 1968 | Herman Weiskopf
The scufflers from SMU were supposed to be a drag on the Southwest Conference, but they were tied for the lead going in against Arkansas, and had more plays and formations than anybody

November 25, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Michigan Halfback Ron Johnson ran wild against Wisconsin. He scored five times on runs of 35, 67, 1, 60 and 49 yards, rushed for 347 yards to set a new Big Ten record, and also broke Tom...

November 25, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

November 25, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Michigan Halfback Ron Johnson ran wild against Wisconsin. He scored five times on runs of 35, 67, 1, 60 and 49 yards, rushed for 347 yards to set a new Big Ten record, and also broke Tom...

November 25, 1968
It has been a creeping awareness developed through several hits, but theatergoers are now onto the fact that New York Playwright Neil Simon has this hangup about sport. One half of The Odd Couple...

November 25, 1968 | Alice Higgins
In a new setting and with a streamlined format to eliminate 2 a.m. classes, the 85th National was a joy, especially during the...

November 25, 1968 | Jack Nicklaus
These three illustrations show the positions your wrists must be in as they work the club to the complete cocking position at the top of the backswing. Some golfers tend to cock their wrists...

November 25, 1968 | Virginia Kraft
Hunters who pack the long miles into the rugged hills of Montana's beautiful Flathead National Forest in the fall will have it good. But trout fishermen, if they travel with Charles Ray, could...

November 25, 1968 | Whitney Tower
Each year on the eve of the running of the rich Garden State, which is supposed to decide the 2-year-old championship as well as the winter book favorite for the following season's Kentucky Derby,...

November 25, 1968 | Bil Gilbert
Army officers (repeat: officers) are still convinced that soldiers stay in shape and out of trouble if they are kept busy at games

November 25, 1968
REMEMBER THE RED....Just when it looked—much to the consternation of the nation's conservationists (SI, April 1)—as though Kentucky's majestic Red River Gorge was a goner, along came a new cause...

November 25, 1968
•Dan Devine, Missouri football coach, on hearing that tickets for the Nov. 23 game with Kansas were being hawked by scalpers for $35: "If that's true, my wife has just lost her ticket."

November 25, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: Four of seven Eastern teams were well above .600, and the West showed it. Only Los Angeles had more wins than losses. BOSTON (10-3) moved into first place in the East, beating the...

November 25, 1968
22, 23—Sheedy & Long25—Harry Cabluck (2)26—Walter Iooss Jr.27—Jerry Cooke, Darryl Norenberg28—Lee Balterman29—Perry C. Riddle-Chicago Daily News31—Gerry Cranham32, 33—Tony Tomsic38,...

November 25, 1968
Jeff McVey, who bowls with the Kansas City, Kans. Junior Kings Invitational League, rolled a 268 high game for a 700 series two days before his 17th birthday, then followed that up with 251, 258...

November 25, 1968
SARATOGA SATURDAYSirs:Indeed, it was with great pleasure that I read the article, The Mafia at Saratoga (Nov. 11), by Sam Toperoff. It recalled for me many memories of that remarkable Saturday...

November 25, 1968 | Lenning Davis Jr.
I feel the time has passed," writes Daniel P. Mannix in a note at the start of The Killers (E.P. Dutton, New York, $5.95), "when we can dismiss the feeding habits of predators by saying that they...

November 25, 1968 | Dan Carlinsky
Pomp and precision may be the thing at halftime in the Big Ten, but in the Ivy League bands are strictly for laughs