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December 02, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 23

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Mike Maloy Cover - Sports Illustrated December 02, 1968

December 02, 1968
BASKETBALL—NBA: BALTIMORE (14-5) fell out of first in the East, then nosed back, bating Detroit 128-127 on Gus Johnson's layup at the buzzer. Boston (13-5), which won its fifth Straight before...

December 02, 1968
Bruce Swanson, senior quarterback for Chicago's North Park College, threw 10 TD passes in a 104-32 win over North Central, a College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin record. In 1967 he set a...

December 02, 1968
29—Dick Raphael30—Eric Schweikardt, Walter Iooss Jr. (2)32, 33—Sheedy & Long35—Sheedy & Long, Arthur Shay36—Sheedy & Long37—Eric Schweikardt38—Rich Clarkson39—Sheedy & Long40—Eric...

December 02, 1968
GHOSTS OF SEASONS PASTSirs:I have just read Dan Jenkins' tongue-in-cheek account of O. J. Simpson's fantastic career to date (The Pros Face a Dazzling Dilemma, Nov. 18). The comparisons of O.J....

December 02, 1968

December 02, 1968
•Wayne Valley, co-owner of the Oakland Raiders, after 41-year-old George Blanda and 37-year-old Cotton Davidson had quarterbacked the Raiders to a 43-7 win over Denver: "We're the only club in pro...

December 02, 1968 | Dan Jenkins
Ohio State's Woody Hayes could sit back and sniff the flowers as his gang of teen-age fakers hid the ball from Michigan, won the Big Ten championship and headed for the No. 1 bouquet in Pasadena

December 02, 1968 | Whitney Tower
Louisville's Freedom Hall, "home of the best in college basketball" and just a few furlongs from Churchill Downs, is the current locale of horse racing's biggest controversy: the running of the...

December 02, 1968 | Mark Mulvoy

December 02, 1968
Off to a royal start, Big O and the surprising C's are up therewith pro basketball's best. Frank Deford looks in on Robertson and that odd case, the shaky Cincinnati franchise.

December 02, 1968 | Tex Maule
The Rams beat the Giants on a last-ditch field goal, but should they face the Colts for the Coastal Division title they'll need more

December 02, 1968
While the two rival pro leagues wait in the wings, pens poised over checkbooks, giant Lew Alcindor—along with the usual few dozen other fine athletes—is back for one more season at UCLA. This...

December 02, 1968 | Gary Walk
Journalist-experts are not born. Hugh Whall, our sailing writer-expert, got that way by sailing, starting on his own at 9 in a dinghy on the Zwartkops River in his native South Africa. In later...

December 02, 1968

December 02, 1968

December 02, 1968 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Small-college basketball is an often-neglected, much-maligned activity that is as scattered in location as it is varied in purpose. There are factories and academies, big schools and small,...

December 02, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
"Ask a boy what his strength is," says USC Coach Bob Boyd, "and he'll tell you he has a 17-foot jump shot that never misses. Or a great hook shot. Or he is a tremendous rebounder. I have yet to...

December 02, 1968 | Pat Putnam
With tickets selling for $125 apiece, Harvard and Yale undefeated and the Ivy League in a dither, there seemed no way for the contest to match the buildup. Then Harvard sent in Frank Champi

December 02, 1968 | Mervin Hyman

December 02, 1968 | Mervin Hyman
THE BACK: Kansas Safetyman Dave Morgan made three key plays in 21-19 win over Missouri, running back an intercepted pass for a score, setting up a TD with a fumble recovery and intercepting a pass...

December 02, 1968 | Pat Ryan
Dying salmon may help science in its study of man's longevity

December 02, 1968 | Hugh Whall

December 02, 1968 | Robert Creamer
An old statistics nut examines the IBM figures for this year's pro tour and discovers that the game has changed since Tony Manero's day

December 02, 1968 | Clive Gammon
A lingering fog, a frustrating fishing festival and a little redheaded woman were enough to drive strong men to drink—especially the occupants of Rooms 5 and 6

December 02, 1968 | Martin Kane
Firearm collectors, and particularly those who specialize in hoarding revolvers, will hail the appearance in the United States of two books of British origin which fill in great gaps in the...

December 02, 1968 | Mary Evans
Racetrack fans of the state of Maryland were shocked and surprised some weeks ago when a young lady named Kathy Kusner was granted a license as a jockey. But such a request would not have caused a...