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December 16, 1968 | Volume 29, Issue 25

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Dennis Gaubatz Cover - Sports Illustrated December 16, 1968

December 16, 1968

December 16, 1968
•Bob Conibear, first-year basketball coach at Bowling Green, who disliked the officiating in his team's 90-88 double-overtime loss to St. Joseph's, describing his sleep that night: "I dreamed I...

December 16, 1968 | Tex Maule
When Green Bay lost to the powerful Baltimore Colts last week it meant that the old champions would not be in the Super Bowl this time, but it would be wrong to assume that they will not come back

December 16, 1968 | William Leggett
Commissioner Bill Eckert announced his own sentence to the press, then stepped aside as baseball began searching for a new image

December 16, 1968 | Martin Kane
Australian champion Lionel Rose was the boxer, Mexican challenger Chucho Castillo was the slugger and the match was a beauty—fast, hard and close. The riot afterward was a disgraceful anticlimax

December 16, 1968
The central division remains undecided with Chicago and Minnesota tied for the lead. Tex Maule covers the finish, then predicts which winner will be NFL champion.

December 16, 1968 | Joe Jares
Notre Dame inaugurated its new court with visions of a mighty upset. For a while the Irish appeared to be on their way, but UCLA and Lew Alcindor settled down and played like the champions they...

December 16, 1968 | Curry Kirkpatrick
All of the roles you have ever seen Sidney Poitier play on the screen, the Guess Who's Coming ones, are filled by Charles Scott on a basketball court. Outside, weaving through the lanes, he is...

December 16, 1968 | Harold Peterson

December 16, 1968 | Garry Valk
In Scotland they call them kelpies; in Ireland, gremlins; in England, elves. They are, as everyone knows, the "little people," endowed with boundless energy, a talent for making sober humans smile...

December 16, 1968
Artist Bob Stanley went out to see ice hockey and was stirred by its speed and violence. The contrast between "the coldness, the transparency" of the ice and the heated human conflict above it...

December 16, 1968
It has been described as "a picture of Billy Casper playing with a lion," but the photograph below looks more like one of a lion playing with Billy Casper. On tour in South Africa, Casper was...

December 16, 1968 | Peter Carry
Because of youthful indiscretions, Connie Hawkins, who smothers the ball and foes with giant hands, is the best unknown pro in the land

December 16, 1968 | Edwin Shrake
The San Diego Chargers dropped out of contention in the AFL's Western Division, taking a 40-3 walloping from the Kansas City Chiefs, who remain in a tie with the Oakland Raiders as they go into...

December 16, 1968 | Charles Goren
A pair of 26-year-old ex-intercollegiate champions, Dr. Richard H. Katz and Larry Cohen of Milwaukee, won the six-session Blue Ribbon Pairs event from a field of superstars in the Fall National...

December 16, 1968 | Charles Goren

December 16, 1968 | Pat Ryan
Nighttime trotting arrives in California at last, and the meet's early returns are encouraging. Well, they were until the fog came rolling in

December 16, 1968 | Janet Graham

December 16, 1968 | Janet Graham
Don't give up the idea of skiing in Eastern Europe completely—just keep away from Rumania. Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Poland all have good skiing in what must be admitted are fledgling resorts...

December 16, 1968 | Herman Weiskopf

December 16, 1968
4—Gerry Cranham21—Neil Leifer22—Walter Iooss Jr.24—Herb Scharfman25—Ernie Anheuser-Milwaukee Sentinel30, 31—James Drake35—Herb Scharfman36-38—Roy DeCarava48—AP, Pictorial Parade51—Gerald...

December 16, 1968
Bob Hillgrove, a grocery-store manager who trains 15 miles a day, six days a week, ran 6.25 miles through snow and mud in 29° weather to win the Maine AAU Cross-Country title for the second...

December 16, 1968
BASKETBALL—-NBA: John Havlicek, averaging 30 points a game in BOSTON'S (19-6) four straight wins, led the Celtics into first place and made the loss of Bill Russell to the flu less noticeable....

December 16, 1968
INS AND OUTSSirs:Last season the Buckeyes of Ohio State won the Big Ten playoff and placed third in the NCAA tournament, defeating Adolph Rupp's Kentucky and Houston and the Big E in the process....

December 16, 1968 | Paul Ress
Every now and then somebody finds an unattached femur or maybe a tibia in the St.-Michel subway station of the Paris Métro and the French tabloids start raising a hue and cry about another...

December 16, 1968 | Skip Myslenski
Postwar prejudices, the hyperbole of the prize ring's fastest-talking promoter and a nation's hectic return to Mr. Harding's abnormal normalcy made a four-round circus of a hopeless mismatch