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January 06, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 1

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Tom Matte Cover - Sports Illustrated January 06, 1969

January 06, 1969 | Tex Maule
By flattening pro football's best runner and operating their own impeccable offense with ease, the Colts won the NFL championship, whitewashing Cleveland 34-0.

January 06, 1969 | Edwin Shrake
As wind howled across Shea Stadium, Joe Namath came back after a near-disastrous interception to lead his Jets to victory over Oakland and on to the Super Bowl

January 06, 1969 | Kim Chapin
A year of vast change in tennis hit its peak when a U.S. team at long last brought home the Davis Cup, but the victory was soured by rules that still make it impossible for some of the world's...

January 06, 1969 | Jack Tobin
Owner Dan Reeves of the Los Angeles Rams startled the sports world by firing a winner, Coach George Allen, but a probe of the wreckage reveals they probably were headed for a breakup from the start

January 06, 1969 | Joe Jares
With or without Lew Alcindor, UCLA's gentle Johnny Wooden is a great coach. Which doesn't mean that everyone loves him

January 06, 1969
"Winter for boating people is just that dull, bad time between seasons," said a landsick Londoner, echoing the thoughts of kindred beached souls throughout the northern hemisphere. "A boat show...

January 06, 1969 | Victor Mollo
One of England's foremost bridge players and most prolific writers on the subject, the author first introduced the characters in this article in a delightful book, "Bridge in the Menagerie." Their...

January 06, 1969 | M. R. Werner
An Aqueduct addict opens the season in California and discovers a new image at Arcadia but, fortunately, the old quality on the track

January 06, 1969 | Garry Valk
Perusing a recent bridge column in the London Daily Express, we noticed a plaintive letter from a perplexed lady who had read, she complained, in an American bridge publication the offhand comment...

January 06, 1969 | William F. Reed
Back from Mexico City, Olympian Spencer Haywood feels inhibited by college rules, but only the least bit. He is making Detroit a power

January 06, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
In the town where you dare not lose, the Canadiens have stayed on top despite heavy attrition

January 06, 1969 | Pat Ryan
But now vocal empathy is the kick as collegiate cheerleaders turn on everything from familiar neoclassic fight chants to libidinous exhortation, high-camp hip and unsanctified soul

January 06, 1969

January 06, 1969
•Minnesota Coach Murray Warmath, talking about O. J. Simpson's future in pro football: "He should run for the openings. If they try to make a power runner out of him, it would be like putting...

January 06, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf

January 06, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: BALTIMORE (28-8), after a nine-game win streak, lost to Philadelphia but widened its Eastern lead by winning its other two games. Against Milwaukee the Bullets got 86 points in the...

January 06, 1969
10-15—Neil Leifer16—Walter Iooss Jr.17—James Drake, Walter Iooss Jr.18—Walter Iooss Jr.20, 21—David Beal22—AP23—UPI25—Stuart Smith40—Lee Balterman42—Tony Triolo44—Jon Henry46—Walter Iooss...

January 06, 1969
Bob McKinley, 18, the younger brother of former Davis Cup player Chuck and a student at Trinity University in San Antonio, rallied to defeat Paul Gerken of Stanford University, 6-3, 3-6, 9-7, to...

January 06, 1969
SPORTSMANSirs:Your selection of Bill Russell as Sportsman of the Year in the Dec. 23 issue is by far the best yet. The choice must have been a very difficult one, for basketball is not usually in...

January 06, 1969 | William Furlong
Pilotage, Inc. has none of the atmosphere generally associated with amateur flying: the grease-stained tarmac strip and the pungent smell of gasoline. Instead it is redolent of elegantly coiffed...

January 06, 1969 | Alexander F. Treadwell
The little manager with the big ideas couldn't find a heavyweight so he grabbed three other divisions