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January 20, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 3

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Joe Namath Cover - Sports Illustrated January 20, 1969

January 20, 1969 | Tex Maule

January 20, 1969 | Dan Jenkins
Having buried the hatchet—partly in each other—the pros and the PGA start their $6 million road show with a rouser at Los Angeles

January 20, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
Hockey's top goal scorer is having his finest year despite a fractured jaw, a brownish glop of a liquid diet—and some of the heaviest punishment dealt a superstar since Maurice Richard

January 20, 1969 | Joe Jares
At least eight schools in the Midwest's biggest conference are good enough to play with the best in the country. But the sleeper may be the Fighting Illini, who can't get to the NCAA but can cause...

January 20, 1969 | Robert H. Boyle

January 20, 1969
Hairiest Downhill race in the world is Kitzbühel's famed Hahnenkamm. Bob Ottum tells of Austrian veteran Karl Schranz's big push to make the fans forget Jean-Claude Killy.

January 20, 1969
Bus Mosbacher, the famed racing yachtsman and twice a victorious America's Cup skipper, has been named Presidentelect Richard Nixon's Chief of Protocol. Other sportsmen upon whom Mr. Nixon has...

January 20, 1969 | Jack Nicklaus
I frequently receive letters from readers requesting advice on how to play a particular shot, and often the problem shot turns out to be a familiar one: the ball is on a downhill slope about 50...

January 20, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy
In Boston College's Tim Sheehy the U.S. finally has the top man in a Canadian-dominated sport

January 20, 1969 | Garry Valk
Robert Boyle, whose article on thermal pollution begins on page 24 of this issue, believes that fishermen are society's advance guard in detecting water pollution. They are usually the first to...

January 20, 1969 | Brock Yates

January 20, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: BALTIMORE (33-11) lost to Los Angeles, but topped San Diego twice: 108-107 on Wes Unseld's layup with three seconds remaining and 106-104 despite Elvin Hayes's 32 points and 25...

January 20, 1969
4—Elgin Ciampi11—Walter Iooss Jr.12—Herb Scharfman13—Walter Iooss Jr.14—Neil Leifer16, 17—Sheedy & Long18—Roy DeCarava19—UPI, Montreal Star-Canada Wide33—Richard Meek, Culver Pictures38—Dick...

January 20, 1969
Ron Stoneback of Hellertown, Pa., who has been bowling for 18 years, had a three-game series of 809, his second over 800. He has had one sanctioned 300 game, and his current 230 average places him...

January 20, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf

January 20, 1969
CHEERSSirs:I thoroughly enjoyed Once it was Only Sis-Boom-Bah! by Pat Ryan in your SI Jan. 6 issue. I am disappointed that you failed to mention the most famous college cheer of all, that of the...

January 20, 1969

January 20, 1969
•Dave Foley, Ohio State co-captain, explaining Coach Woody Hayes' all-work, no-play planning that led to the resounding Rose Bowl triumph: "The coach told us he was taking us to this secluded...

January 20, 1969 | R.S. Hewlett
Lessons learned the hard way make easy reading for the armchair sailor

January 20, 1969 | Dudley Doust
Despite homesickness, worry over her small children and the grim awareness of her advancing age, Fanny Blankers-Koen managed to take four gold Olympics in medals at the 1948 London