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February 03, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 5

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Bobby Orr Cover - Sports Illustrated February 03, 1969

February 03, 1969 | Dan Jenkins
The annual Bing Crosby pro-am is always a meteorological marvel, but last week's tournament was even wilder than usual, thereby providing a true test of a player's ability to hit the ball while...

February 03, 1969 | Tex Maule
The first track carnival ever held in the Astrodome got off to a slow start, but there were signs that it is going to pick up speed

February 03, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy

February 03, 1969 | Gilbert Rogin

February 03, 1969 | Carleton Mitchell
After a lifetime of sailing competition, a three-time Bermuda winner has given up racing but never the sea. On these pages he describes the powerboat he chose to succeed his famed 'Finisterre'

February 03, 1969 | Carleton Mitchell
1 steadying sail2 flying bridge3 hi-fi and tape center4 lower steering station5 reserve fuel tank6 after cabin7 twin diesels8 galley9 forward cabin10 anchor rode

February 03, 1969
Those who paid $83 apiece for tickets to a charity hockey game at New York's Rockefeller Center rink were privileged to see Steve Lawrence score three goals in the first game of his life, Eydie...

February 03, 1969 | William Leggett
After three months in Puerto Rico Frank Robinson knows one thing for certain: he can manage. He may become the majors' first Negro pilot

February 03, 1969 | Patrick F. Putnam
Undefeated, unsung and unbelieved, Lamar Tech of Beaumont has knocked off seven major teams in a major way and still the Cardinals are discounted. Bad show, pollsters. They are as good as their record

February 03, 1969 | Martin Kane
A rough street fighter, DePaula was obliged to appear indoors at the Garden, and Foster won easily

February 03, 1969 | Whitney Tower
Owners are hopeful, trainers are cautious and the fanciers are poised for action as the 3-year-olds start coming out of hiding to demonstrate whether they have the quality to be considered...

February 03, 1969
Ford vs. Porsche for the sports-car supremacy of the world will be the main event at Daytona, but Alfa Romeo of Italy and Matra of France also will contest the 24 Hours.

February 03, 1969 | Bob Ottum

February 03, 1969
6—Tony Triolo12-15—Sheedy & Long16, 17—Walter Iooss Jr.19, 20—Tony Triolo21—Tony Triolo (2), Dick Raphael22—Dick Raphael25—Fred Schnell27—Roy DeCarava36—Rich Clarkson, Walter H....

February 03, 1969
Oren Blaisdell of Sacramento, a 10-year-old who has been taking judo for three years and has won more than 150 matches (including a first in a U.S. age-group championship), was recently voted...

February 03, 1969
BASEBALL—STAN MUSIAL, who in his 23 years with the Cardinals established more individual records than any other major leaguer, and ROY CAMPANELLA, who spent 10 illustrious seasons with the...

February 03, 1969 | Garry Valk
As one can easily discern by studying the drawings of Carleton Mitchell's superboat (page 30), Artist Ted Lodigensky is a stickler for thoroughness and detail. "I like fine paintings, I like fine...

February 03, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf

February 03, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf
Kentucky claims it, Kansas claims it and so does Oregon State. Each wants to be the first college basketball team to win 1,000 games. Whether any of them is legitimately entitled to the honor...

February 03, 1969
NUCLEAR ISSUESirs:Robert Boyle's revealing article (The Nukes Are In Hot Water, Jan. 20) should be reprinted and sent to every state fish and game commission. In addition to thermal pollution,...

February 03, 1969

February 03, 1969
•Lee Trevino, U.S. Open champion, after financing a driving range and sports center in El Paso: "I can walk in a bank now and borrow $700,000. Two years ago, if I walked in a bank, the guard would...

February 03, 1969 | M. R. Werner
Travel may or may not broaden, but it certainly throws a man in on himself. In travels throughout the civilized world over a long period of years I have endured boredom as painful as any hazard...

February 03, 1969 | Mary Evans
Contrary to myth, it was not Eton's schoolboy athletes that made Wellington's great victory possible. It was the Iron Duke's British proclivity for chasing the fox over the fields and fences of Europe