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March 03, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 9

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Vince Lombardi Cover - Sports Illustrated March 03, 1969

March 03, 1969 | Bob Ottum
The ancient Olympic bobsled run at Lake Placid, N.Y. had a new push-off platform that made it so fast the oldtimers threw away their record books. The only real question: Who could hang on long...

March 03, 1969 | Whitney Tower
Graduating cum laude into the ranks of the Derby-bound colts, Elliott Burch's speedy chestnut scrambles the scene at Hialeah

March 03, 1969 | William F. Reed Jr.
The Yale swimming team was peaking for Stanford, but John Nelson's mustache and Robin Waples' sideburns stayed. What went were the Indians as Yale reestablished itself as a major force

March 03, 1969 | William Johnson

March 03, 1969
The winter carnival goes West—for the world skating championships at Colorado Springs and World Cup skiing at Squaw Valley. Bob Ottum follows the U.S. girls to both.

March 03, 1969 | Roy Blount Jr.

March 03, 1969 | Garry Valk
Even as you read this, someone somewhere is rolling a sheet of stationery into his typewriter and preparing to write in anger: "Last week while the most monumental X game in the history of Y was...

March 03, 1969 | Pat Putnam

March 03, 1969
Kelly Harmon, 20, younger daughter of ABC sportscaster and former All-America Tom Harmon and former actress Elyse Knox, is to be married this spring to John DeLorean, 44, head of the Chevrolet...

March 03, 1969 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The Missouri Valley Conference—at least at the top—is strong again. If nobody is murdered one team might just take the title

March 03, 1969 | Kim Chapin
A perennial runner-up in big-time stock-car racing, Lee Roy Yarbrough stole past the leader in the richest 500-mile race with just vroom to go

March 03, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy
Miller Barber is the sort of pro who works while Jack and Arnie rest

March 03, 1969 | Frank Deford
"All I want out of it," Joan Weston said, "is to make good money, get out of it in one piece, and years from now when I say I was in the Derby I want people still to know what it is. I want that."

March 03, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: BALTIMORE (47-17) continued to lead the furious Eastern race, but PHILADELPHIA (43-21) knocked the Knicks out of second with four wins and a loss. NEW YORK (44-24) became the...

March 03, 1969
25—Jerry Cooke26, 27—Wil Blanche28—Phillip Leonion30—Vernon J. Biever34, 35—Walter Iooss Jr.42, 43—Wil Blanche47—AP, Sport & General from Pictorial Parade48, 49—Rich Clarkson50—Curt...

March 03, 1969
Jackqueline Mross, a 10-year-old Brazilian, learned to swim a little more than a year ago, but has already broken 17 local age-group records in five strokes (sidestroke, too!), from the 50-meter...

March 03, 1969 | Herman Weiskopf

March 03, 1969
WINTERKILLSirs:Having overcome the nausea which hit me after reading about the hunting of foxes with airplane and snowmobile (Snarling Tractors and No Tallyho, Feb. 17), several thoughts came to...

March 03, 1969

March 03, 1969
•Lieut, (j.g.) F. Carl Schumacher of the U.S.S. Pueblo, after mentioning that the crew had used a misshapen soccer ball to play American football with during their months of captivity in North...