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May 05, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 18

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated May 05, 1969

May 05, 1969 | Jeanette Bruce
Since February about 100 golfers, of varying degrees of skill, have been visiting a new pro golf shop at 147 East 47th Street in New York's Manhattan to have their golf swing analyzed by a new...

May 05, 1969 | Peter Carry

May 05, 1969 | Peter Carry
"First Babe Ruth and now the Hawk," complained a Boston teeny-bopper's banner after the Red Sox traded mod slugger Ken Harrelson to Cleveland in a six-player deal. The reference was to the...

May 05, 1969
THE MYTHSSirs:This seems to be the year for taking potshots at Abner Doubleday, whom Harold Peterson has failed to prove did not invent baseball in 1839 (Baseball's Johnny Apple-seed, April 14)....

May 05, 1969

May 05, 1969
•Roy Hofheinz, owner of the Houston Astros, noting a crowd of 6,000 at a dawn jogging exhibition in his Astrodome: "Maybe we ought to schedule our baseball games at 6 a.m."

May 05, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy

May 05, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
When Montreal needed a goal in sudden-death overtime to win its ferocious struggle with the Boston Bruins in the East's Stanley Cup finals, who was Jeanny on the spot? 'Capitaine' Beliveau, of course

May 05, 1969 | Whitney Tower

May 05, 1969
The derby report by Whitney Tower and a crew of photographers captures all the color of the event and goes behind the scenes to discover the reasons for victory.

May 05, 1969 | Joe McGinniss

May 05, 1969 | Martin Kane
There is a classical way to make every move known to boxing, but no prizefighter ever has fought entirely by the book. Among heavyweights, Gene Tunney came close, with a style as stilted as his...

May 05, 1969 | Garry Valk
As Jeannette Bruce wryly confesses in Slave to a Shah, beginning on page 86, a stalemate is about the best anyone can hope for when he (or she) enrolls his (or her) dog in obedience school. While...

May 05, 1969
The tennis players touring on the international open circuit regularly put on a show after the tournament in Monaco, and the theme this year was Le U.S.A. According to the tennis stars, Le U.S.A....

May 05, 1969 | Charles Goren
Unlike the Italians, U.S. players do not feel partnerships require long practice, and this year they will get a chance to prove it

May 05, 1969 | Ruth Lieder
The only thing in sport this year to challenge surfing as a youth cult is "duning," a term that means driving buggies over high waves of sand like these 100-footers in Southern California's...

May 05, 1969 | Jack Nicklaus
Double trouble struck me during one recent tournament when I was twice confronted with the predicament illustrated above. Both times I had to stand in a sand trap and swing at a ball resting...

May 05, 1969 | Dick Miles
Red China's championship table tennis team has not been seen in two years. World class players, meeting in Munich, suspect the worst

May 05, 1969 | Joe Jares
The University of Kansas is blessed with three mighty shotputters, and they usually finish one-two-three, but not necessarily in the same order

May 05, 1969 | Peter Carry
In the vanguard of the lacrosse surge in mid-America are three Ohio schools that will soon give the Eastern powers real competition for national honors

May 05, 1969 | Jeannette Bruce

May 05, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: LOS ANGELES took a 2-1 lead over Boston in the playoff finals, winning the first two games. In the opener at the Forum, which the Lakers won 120-118, Jerry West scored 53 points—21...

May 05, 1969
6—Elizabeth Crichton, Rich Ottum, George Blood-good, Carol Deford20, 21—Heinz Kluetmeier22—Tony Triolo23—John F. Jaqua24—Dick Raphael48—Neil Leifer49-56—Phillip Leonian60—London Daily...

May 05, 1969
Noel Jenke, the first to letter in three sports at Minnesota in 13 years, has been drafted by the Vikings and is sought by the Black Hawks and the Twins. A linebacker, he captained the football...