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June 09, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 23

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Lee Trevino Cover - Sports Illustrated June 09, 1969

June 09, 1969
BOATING—ERGO, a 35-foot sloop owned by Conrad Jones of Marion, Mass. won E class and overall honors in the 24th annual Block Island race. Ergo's corrected time of 31.3844 hours outdid 130 other...

June 09, 1969
6—Popperfoto-Pictorial Parade25—Neil Leifer26-28—Jerry Cooke30, 31—Eric Schweikardt32—Walter Iooss Jr.42—Neil Leifer44—USGA, Ralph Morse-Pix from LIFE45—Hank deLespinasse, Sheedy & Long56—Roy...

June 09, 1969
George Amundson, of Aberdeen Central High, threw the discus 211'4" in the South Dakota high school track meet for a new national record, breaking the existing one by 14'1". He also set a state...

June 09, 1969 | Peter Carry

June 09, 1969 | Peter Carry
As anyone knows who has read last year's batting records or gone out to the airport to greet a major league team, the .400 hitter and the train are equally extinct. They are for everybody but the...

June 09, 1969
TRAGIC AWAKENING (CONT.)Sirs:Jack Olsen has done a remarkable and courageous job of reporting the tragedy of that August night in 1967 in Glacier National Park (The Grizzly Bear Murder Case, May...

June 09, 1969

June 09, 1969
•Beans Reardon, former National League umpire, on the possibility of an electronic device someday replacing umpires: "It will never happen, because when you do that you've taken away all the...

June 09, 1969 | Kim Chapin

June 09, 1969
The triple Crown is at stake at Belmont as Majestic Prince strives to prove his classic quality by winning at a mile and a half; faithful rival Arts and Letters seeks revenge.

June 09, 1969 | Patrick F. Putnam
Every Army-Navy match is a miniwar, but the Cadet lacrossemen had never forgotten the ultimate humiliation they were forced to endure following The Great Drubbing of 1965

June 09, 1969 | Frank Deford

June 09, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

June 09, 1969 | Jack Nicklaus
It is not recorded whether Georges Seurat ever had any trouble with his short irons or if he even knew about the game of golf for that matter, since he died in 1891, four years before the first...

June 09, 1969 | Skip Myslenski

June 09, 1969 | Gary Valk
The recent transatlantic air race between New York and London involved a great deal more dashing about on the ground than in the air. It was, in fact, part air race, part track meet, part...

June 09, 1969
Ted Williams, who flew for the Marines during World War II and in Korea, was recently instructed in the mechanics of getting a Boeing 747 airborne. Compared to getting the Senators off the ground,...

June 09, 1969 | Bud Collins
With Australia out of the Davis Cup, Spain has the best chance of getting to the Challenge Round, but even so the U.S. should win

June 09, 1969 | Ruth Lieder
A man who goes golfing week after week in the same old brown shoes not only is sticking a wedge in the eye of fashion but may actually be hurting his game. That, at least, is the happy theory...

June 09, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy
After a terrible start the Astros are moving up fast, thanks mainly to the hitting of minibrute Jim Wynn, the major leagues' tiniest slugger

June 09, 1969 | Charles Goren
Superstitious players—is there another kind?—try to guess which are the good seats at the table. This deal would drive them crazy

June 09, 1969 | Whitney Tower
From any point of view—that of ordinary fans caught up in the promise of a Triple Crown or the attitude of traditionalists who will not consider a horse a champion until he wins at the classic...

June 09, 1969 | Bob Ottum

June 09, 1969 | Bob Ottum
Poised to leave the Empire State Building are racers Jerry Cooke, Miss Scribner and Bob Ottum, while their ambulance crew waits below. After a death-defying run they board a helicopter for Kennedy...

June 09, 1969 | Bob Ottum
Having journeyed by chopper from Heathrow airport to a barge on the Thames, the Americans scramble into a launch...from which they leap to the dock, Ottum landing first. Waiting are three...

June 09, 1969 | M. R. Werner
Along with the high rise in attendance at the nation's racetracks has come a plethora of books on horse racing—though there is still some doubt that horseplayers can read. Many of these books are...

June 09, 1969 | William F. Reed Jr.
The essential gem in the Triple Crown was only a secondhand pebble at the start. Even the horse that finished first was the wrong one