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June 30, 1969 | Volume 30, Issue 26

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Ron Santo Cover - Sports Illustrated June 30, 1969

June 30, 1969 | Skip Myslenski
It was a tough, uphill haul, but John Carlos and his light-footed Bandits stepped on the gas and—with a shot of octane from Marty Liquori—overtook Kansas to win the collegiate track and field...

June 30, 1969 | Robert H. Boyle

June 30, 1969 | Frank Deford
Remember when every red-blooded American was a Merriwell and swore that a quitter never wins—and a winner never quits? Now, quitting is the thing, and it's even catching on at home

June 30, 1969
Among the world's most beguiling women are those to be found in the pits and paddocks at the great international motor races: the wives and girl friends, or would-be wives and girl friends, of...

June 30, 1969
The 18-foot pole vault and two sizzling rematches—between Ryun and Liquori in the mile and Evans and Mills in the 440—may be in store at Miami's AAU championships.

June 30, 1969 | Bil Gilbert

June 30, 1969 | Bil Gilbert
No U.S. sport—horse racing aside—enforces rules against drugs. Bil Gilbert explains how this shocking see-no-evil policy endangers not only the competitors—but sport itself.

June 30, 1969 | Garry Valk
William Service, whose adopted Owl is both the subject and the title of his first book and the article that begins on page 52, came to writing—and to owls, too—by an odd route. A Philadelphian, he...

June 30, 1969 | Charles Goren
If you've ever played Bingo or one of its relatives among the lottery games, you know that the space right in the middle of your card is labeled "Free." Does this free play give you an advantage?...

June 30, 1969 | Peter Carry
In even years the big-league draft leaves Arizona State Coach Winkles bereft, but not in 1969—which made things tough for Tulsa and New York

June 30, 1969 | Kim Chapin
The late Jim Clark's 1963 record of seven Grand Prix victories is being challenged by his countryman, Jackie Stewart, who won handily in Holland

June 30, 1969 | William Service

June 30, 1969

June 30, 1969
•Jim Fregosi, California Angels shortstop, asked what he intended to call the restaurant he and three partners will open shortly in Anaheim: "Obviously it would be best to give it a name that is...

June 30, 1969
BOATING—Mustachioed ROBERT (Ted) TURNER III of Atlanta skippered his 12-meter yacht American Eagle to first place overall and in Class A in the 473-mile Annapolis-to-Newport ocean race. Huey...

June 30, 1969
4—Jim Henderson11—Eric Schweikhardt, Rich Clarkson12—Rich Clarkson (2), Eric Schweikhardt14-16—John D. Hanlon17—Walter Iooss Jr., John D. Hanlon18—UPI19—John D. Hanlon23—background photograph Eric...

June 30, 1969
Jeff Miller, 15, of Scotch Plains, N.J., who previously had won the state tennis championships for boys 12-, 14- and 16-and-under, completed a sweep of junior titles by winning the 18-and-under...

June 30, 1969 | Peter Carry

June 30, 1969 | Peter Carry
Pointing to his right arm, the Dodgers' Don Drysdale said last week, "I'm pitching as hard as this thing will let me." For the past 13 years that would have meant that Drysdale, whose 207 wins are...

June 30, 1969
BOO WHO?Sirs:Now that Joe Namath has cried for professional football, perhaps professional football will cry a little for Joe Namath (Mod Man Out, June 16). It is time that men like Pete Rozelle...