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July 28, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 4

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Sunny Jurgensen Cover - Sports Illustrated July 28, 1969

July 28, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
Joe Namath ended his retirement, agreeing to sell his interest in his bar and to choose his friends more wisely

July 28, 1969 | Hugh D. Whall
But a home can hurry right along, as shown when a block of seagoing split-levels got together to race for the houseboat championship in what turned out to be a comfy little cruise for the winner

July 28, 1969 | John Underwood

July 28, 1969 | Tex Maule

July 28, 1969
The all-stars, celebrating the 100th anniversary of pro baseball, do their thing for the President and nation. A report on the game and state of the sport by Mark Mulvoy.

July 28, 1969 | Robert Cantwell

July 28, 1969 | Skip Myslenski
Upsets were few as the U.S. beat Russia and the Commonwealth

July 28, 1969 | Garry Valk
Back in 1334 A.D. a travel writer named Ibn Batuta considered the awesome mountains of northern Afghanistan, listened to the stories about them and gave them a name: Hindu Kush. The word kush...

July 28, 1969 | William F. Reed Jr.
All seven men are brothers and cousins, all raised in Brooklyn by immigrant Italian parents. They were on the streets working on ice trucks before they were teen-agers, then on to garbage trucks...

July 28, 1969 | Peter Carry
On the verge of baseball bankruptcy, Minor League Owner Matt Boykin decided to think little, and has been enjoying a profit ever since

July 28, 1969 | Pat Ryan

July 28, 1969
Bob Romansky, 17, of Carneys Point, N.J., following in the footsteps of his uncle, Dave Romansky, an Olympic walker, broke the national age-group record for the mile walk in 7:17.9 at the Junior...

July 28, 1969
13—AP19, 23—James Drake26—Don Uhrbrock40—Herb Scharfman42, 45—Bill Mahan from Leviton-Atlanta58—Don Nordstrom (1)60—AP

July 28, 1969
BOATING—ARGONAUT, a 39-foot sloop, was declared overall winner of the roughest 2,225-mile Los Angeles-to-Hawaii race in 14 years. Windward Passage crossed the Diamond Head finish line first but...

July 28, 1969

July 28, 1969
•Carl Yarborough, stock car driver, on being told he was a father, for the second time, of a daughter, for the second time, when what he would really like is a son: "Next time it'll be different....

July 28, 1969 | Peter Carry

July 28, 1969 | Peter Carry
"It's simple. We've been getting hits and fly balls at the right time. No tricks," said the Cardinals' third baseman, Mike Shannon, last week. Surging St. Louis may not have been using mirrors,...

July 28, 1969
STAR BILLINGSirs:I want to call your attention to a glaring inaccuracy in your cover story on O. J. Simpson (Ready If You Are, O.J., July 14). It is stated that the Buffalo Bills didn't book an...

July 28, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy